Forum #1

You have to marvel at how quick private institutions have developed in the educational sector.

Private Universities, even with their sometimes exorbitant fees are slowly becoming the standard for formal education in Nigeria. Schools like Covenant University, Babcock University have become popular over the years and with the awards they collate on a yearly basis, I reckon that they might just be the future of higher level education in the country.

This is my opinion though and I have my reasons but I would love to know yours.

So, the forum question;

Have Private Universities gotten to or maybe even surpassed the standard set by the federal Universities over the years?

Please share your comments and views below.

This should be a constructive forum though and not an argument so please lets avoid using foul or insulting languages. Thank you.

Mike Dammy


3 thoughts on “Forum #1

  1. Whatever the case might be…i think it depends on personal view.
    most of ds pple attending private schls, do not really need d certificate cos their parents are owners of various company.
    but for average pple, i tink d federal schls is still d answer.
    tho ds private schls re fast n without stress, d federal schls are more equipped, connected n experienced…
    lik i said earlier “everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion”.


  2. To me i’d say o’er the years YES…!!! its quite interesting how far they’ve gone on the educational sector, but here is the main issue… who are they offering education to? following the comment of Oluwakemisola, these rich kids don’t need the certificate, it should be affordable by the poor also in order to actually eradicate poverty. these poor kids need the quality education better than the rich ones…. (My VIEW SHA)


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