Forum #2: Amnesty Offer to Boko Haram.. (Y) OR (N)


So I heard, mind you, I said I heard…. anyways… I heard our president, President Goodluck Jonathan is offering amnesty to the Boko Haram sect.

Good news shey? Just chill and see what he is offering….

  • A house
  • 3 million cash and
  • #100,000 monthly for the next three years.

So my friends and I engaged in a discussion/argument on whether the amnesty offer made any sense at all.

I (my opinion) was with the notion that it was a start. At least a solution had finally been brought up. My friends said i was nuts and that he has just made terrorism a lucrative job. Hilarious right? Not exactly people.

Terrorism is not child’s play.. Christains and families of people who have lost their lives due to it would attest to that, so we at Damstylee have put it up as a forum topic/question;

The Amnesty Offer made to the Boko Haram sect: Are we on the right path or are we still lost?


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Mike Dammy


8 thoughts on “Forum #2: Amnesty Offer to Boko Haram.. (Y) OR (N)

  1. I have not really followed all the discussions about the suggested amnesty but I do not think that is the solution. Its a good thing they started something but it does not make sense, some may it worked with the militants but that is totally different from the issue at hand now. Then it was somewhat apparent who the kidnappers were, but who exactly is boko haram? Who are people that make up the sect? How are we sure after the amnesty is given, some people wont just wake up and decide, okay they are part of it. Even if we do not look at it from this angle, let’s say some people own up to being part of the boko haram, then after the real people causing the havoc continue. What will happen then? This amnesty thing and the money given to them in my opinion is a waste of resources. Is it joblessness that cause this people to bomb places and wreck havoc??? There are a lot of unanswered questions…they should think twice. Nigeria is gradually becoming a place where ‘terrorism’ is very profitable.


  2. This is the most sensible comment I’ve heard from someone who’s not from Maiduguri. If amnesty will satisfy them, it should totally happen. I’m tired of having my loved ones killed. But, it’s more complicated than that. It’s not just ‘Boko Haram’ that commits atrocities. Every unemployed, low-life scum now sees it as opportunity. Most of these killings are usually after the victims have been robbed, some are out of spite, hatred or some sick form of revenge so I doubt amnesty will bring a stop to everything


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