June 28 is a Reality!

This is one of those posts I don’t edit… Not if I can help it sef, the Chief Editor; Kola is sleeping beside me.. yea yea, he’s my roommate… Moving on….
I woke up this morning, checked my mail and saw Kemi’s post on finally becoming a doctor, you can read it here —->>>> http://kemmiiii.com/2013/04/12/med-diary-23-alhamdulilah/
I couldn’t help but smile when she described her elation at being a graduate, hence being a doctor, but one more important thing, it dawned on me that I would soon be in her shoes, God willing.
76 more days and I’ll be four years closer to being an Architect,(4 years shey… *clears sweat on forehead*… not that I want to be one but its creates a tingling that keeps me going and keeps the fuel burning. It’ll be a tragedy if I mess up now and end up postponing that date but thank God, the word tragedy aint present in my God’s diary.
So, on a broader picture, millions of people would be graduating in the coming weeks; the four, five, six or whatever number of years spent in school are finally coming to an end. There’s the possibility of getting complacent but I pray we don’t because if anything is to come by the joy Kemi felt feels, I can’t let anything be in my way of experiencing that too.
So folks graduating soon, especially my colleagues in CU graduating on JUNE 28… Don’t get complacent, round up that project, put a little more effort in your studies, greet your supervisors and HOD heartily, and reduce the time for Fifa and make up drastically, don’t worry, you can paint your face all you want on your graduation day. Just so you know, Guys now look for graduates to marry, #JustSaying… What am just saying is that in anything you do, keep your eyes set on the goal and you’ll achieve it by God’s grace.
To all my Archi peeps, studio or project, not even structures or components can stop us. That group celebration we’re planning, we would accomplish it.
To all CU 400 and 500 level students, we have a little more than 2 months left, all of us would wear that green gown on that day in Jesus name.
To other students from other universities all over the world graduating this year, I don’t know the colors of your gown, be it blue, yellow, red, black, grey, indigo, white, anything.. but by God’s grace you’ll be wearing them come that day of your graduation.
To other students, wait for your time… ๐Ÿ˜›
Like I said, if you found any typo or Gbagaun, thumbs up… and apply for the role of Co-Editor.. ๐Ÿ˜€

Mike Dammy

6 thoughts on “June 28 is a Reality!

  1. hey u congrats ooooo.thank God for His mercy and grace and happy for all yall.it’ll be our turn to soon. its not beans to study 5 year course ooool!!!!!! nothing will tamperwithur grad day in Jesus name.


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