Diary of a CU student 1

Do I have to explain what this is about.
I can tell you it’s new and it’s about life in CU.. Covenant University… That’s all I can say. You find out the rest yourself!

• • •

Sup diary!
So, I saw her today, oh I didn’t.
Saw her yesterday though and she looked as beautiful as ever. even under the fluorescent light in chapel. We chatted, she gave me an eye patch and now am down with shock. There was an highlight yesterday though; I finally met Kehinde and she looked stunning as ever. Not that I’ve ever seen her but she does look better than her pictures. And my friend told me she gotten more endowed… ooohh…
Sorry for not introducing myself, my name is Tomiwa Gabriel and I’m a CU student. Don’t believe me? Chill…
I am a 400 level Archi student. yeah, am in the so called proud Archi family. Still don’t believe me? well, I am in Daniel hall, D210. I have two roommates, Kola and Dammy; they don’t know am mentioning them so you better don’t tell them.
Moving on; why you’re reading my diary, I really don’t know but am pretty sure one of my roommates is leaking this. Probably gonna be Dami.. He’s really dedicated with that his blog but who cares???!!! I’m more into dancing and fashion. Come to think of it, Redef is gonna be in a few days. REDEF!!! Truthfully Diary, I should be one of the models but one of my course mates participating refused to let me…
Are you gonna wear a skirt?! was what she asked me. How was I supposed to know she was into female wears alone. I know guys have told me I have hips but that’s not enough to enter as a female model, or is it?
Sha sha… am going for Redef. Its holding in Cafe 1; I would have preferred Chapel but Pastor Victor said Chapel is for God only and I totally agree with him. Or how do you expect to feel when some girls are cat walking and guys are drooling in his house?! If I were God, I’ll slap nonsense out of them!
Ehn Ehn… did you hear we are paying for Redef??!! I almost forgot. I even planned am not going again. Do you know how much 500 naira is?! At least I’ll buy 250 naira food and buy five alive. Abi don’t you see sense in what am saying? and VIP is now 1000 naira! VVIP is now 3000 naira!!!
3000 naira!!!!
That’s someone’s monthly allowance1… Maybe not tho… no, it is jor. I won’t tell you names but am sure I know people getting 3000 a month. They just won’t tell you. Is it not CU students? from TM lawal to Guchi Amerni and Addidos, they’ve rocked them die!! You’ll see them everywhere but you’ll not know. They sharply cut the tag off when they buy it and come and tell you they bought it in ICM and TM store. TM store kor… Marina ni…
Got to go now… was gonna gist you about today’s TMCs class. we talked about marriage.. eww right? It was interesting sha… Let me run before Dammy comes and catches me with his laptop. He’ll not let someone hear word… mscheww… I still prefer Kola to him but that one’s muscles too are frightening… Anyhow sha…. See you tomorrow!

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Mike Dammy

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