Diary of a CU Student 2


So we attended a public lecture today/yesterday and in the heat of the boredom, some folks including Dammy, Jesse and co devised some sort of riddles game. One however caught my fancy. Chill jor, I’ll tell you now;


A farewell greeting I am,

Yet, a school’s title I remain.

Texters love me,

Teenagers adore me,

But still their English teachers loathe me.

I am not oblivious of their hatred however,

But my ambition to be one in ten of ten drives me on.

What am I?

Well, that’s the riddle. It took some folks ages to solve it. Can’t blame them, yours truly came up with it: D. this didn’t make the lecture less boring though, it just kept us awake. So whatever. If you think you know the answer though, say so in the comment box. Who knows, I might just owe you a Bashan meal. However, Moji, Biola, Ugochi, Titi, Dammy and Jesse, if you guys dare answer it, you’re in deep shit.

Moving on….. Yesterday was kola’s birthday. Yea, the buff bully I have as a roommate. Nigga did not even get something for his roommates. That Kaduna he’s staying has influenced him wrongly. Even after four years in Cu, nigga still hasn’t learnt that you buy a cake for your birthday and share it amongst your course mates. Ordinary CU manners he hasnt learnt.. smh

As to why I didn’t post for a while, the school’s network wasn’t encouraging one bit. To be truthful, it wasn’t existent. From Daniel hall to Dorcas hall, CST, CDS, Chapel, LT, ALDC, Postgraduate quarters sef, where didn’t I try to browse? No offence to engineering students for not mentioning your buildings though. I actually didnt try going there. But sincerely, asides Mackson Okotie, do you guys browse? I added “no offence” o, so please don’t be offended.

Well Diary, what other gist is there? Trade fair held this week. It was boring so I wouldn’t bother talking about it. Imagine a Trade fair in CU without punch, Yuck right?! That’s exactly what I thought.  Other news, Papa made a grand entrance during Tuesday’s chapel service. Some students including Dammy went to the island to represent school in one event like this. The dude was proud about it but still came back home with a maggi bag. Makes me wonder if they truly went for a program or a eating fair…

With this, I guess am done for the day, need to go sign Roll call asap. Heard they now pack people for missing two days consecutively. I’ll not like to joke with my destiny. 71 days left. Na small remain. Just small, I can see the finish line sef. Shout out to the folks in lower levels though, more grease to your elbow. I hope TTG starts in your 300 level. It’s a hope anywasy, you don’t have to take it P.

Night Diary…. Am out!

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16 thoughts on “Diary of a CU Student 2

  1. To the riddle, the answe is See Youu, like CU(Covenant University)…… 71(70 by the time of this comment) days to go, wow!!!! GOD help you guys and make you garduate at the right time(you won’t convocate b4 convocation). Can I hear a lou AMEN! Keep the posts coming, you’re getting better!


  2. On behalf of all Kaduna people I take offence lol!!! Nd Dammy TTG is not going to be bck till I gradute FYI.nd happy Buffday to Kola.nd there’s no mention of a gift for peeps outside CU who get d riddle rite.


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