Diary of a CU Student 3:

It’s quite funny that the whole school, rather, part of it went gaga over ReDef and a 250 million naira worth competition is ongoing that nobody knows about. Not that it’s any of my business but my own guys are part of the top teams in contention for the money. 😛 … That’s by the way though. Not my business. Could have been if part of the 250 million geez is coming my way but it aint… so, whatever… *flips hair backwards*
Now as to why we are here. I saw E***** yesterday on my way to CST. For non-Hebronites, that stands for the college of science and technology. She was tall, slim, fine and had this aura that screamed BABE!
So I walked towards her, licked my lips to make them pink small (Don’t beef, they are close to pink)… sha we exchanged pleasantries, said our goodbyes and went our different ways. I took a short peek backwards after I took a few steps and noticed she didn’t look back. End of story. 😦
The network is back now, for all of you wondering. No need to walk to CST to browse anymore, not as if I’ll do so anyways. It’s pretty fast now sef. Courtesy of very few connected persons to the network. I’m still praying they don’t bring the light, boys” laptops and I Pads have died.. hehe Nobody must browse except me, Nobody! Welcome to the CU way of life if you aren’t initiated already. Its every man for himself.
Its 68 days to go by the way. June 28 is still a reality by God’s grace. Still wondering if I should try meeting the mystery girl again. For y’all wondering who she is, she’s in 100 level and in environmental science. That’s enough expo for you. Go do the digging yourself.
About any other gist from the CU angle, there’s none. Just that CPC dues is due this today and Yours truly hasn’t paid. *Bows*. why you ask? I can always get a green gown from a store in Marina. Just saying though -__-
Good night!

Never intended to do what I’m about to do now, but Jegede (formerly @Dr_Jegs) would not let me rest. Nigga doesn’t understand what a personal diary means… Anyways, follow @TheNEW_Dr_jegs on twitter. He’s mad but cool.

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5 thoughts on “Diary of a CU Student 3:

  1. This sounds better after each entry. Sounding more personal.

    You’re lucky to enjoy internet though.

    However, do you think the green gown @ Marina will work? dude, don’t mess up, just jejely pay.


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