Diary Of A CU Student 4

Errr… I really should write something for or with pastor Victor in mind. Really admire that man.

Anyways, that’s for later. Sup Diary! Yeah, yeah, its been ages, I know. Its not my fault actually. The Internet connection was so off the charts, it couldn’t find the chart again. Even in CST, there was nothing concrete to rely on. And the ongoing electricity issue… Arrghh… The really annoying aspect is that Joseph hall consistently has light, even when the whole school (I mean Daniel hall, no offense) is in darkness. I can literally see the pipes grinning and poking their tongues out at us from their windows.

Before I ruin m0y mood with this rising anger, Lemme gist you about Drama Night.
Yea, it was tonight. Wasn’t boring, but wasn’t too interesting. I sha didn’t sleep so that’s a plus I guess. The concept was fresh though with the Generals and Salvation ish. But those guys handling the lights kept directing it at my face. It felt like being in the spotlight alrite, but now I know why them Kim and Breezy mess up when you have hundreds of that thing in their faces.
Pastor Ntia acted though! Played the voice of God and he played it well. You should have heard the numerous “awwws” when he said “I Love You”. He sure has fans in this CU. What else? Gideon acted as an angel of God… Tolu acted in her pyjamas (She’s sure in trouble for that)… Aghazie got slapped and Success cried and died. All in all, it was alright… Michael and General Fred were hilarious tho.

Got to run along now… Another lecture filled week kicks off tomorrow, and how well could I have kicked it off except with TMC… Tragic :(.. Another lecture of marriage. I sure as hell don’t want to get married anytime soon. The commitment and all them mushy things; not my thing.. No offense to the beautiful ladies getting married immediately after June 28. I heard it got postponed to July 26 though, I mean Grad day. They better not mess with my emotions… Till that rumour is confirmed, its 54 days left.

p.s. I’ll post that Pastor Victor thingy soon… don’t be surprised if it takes me forever, One cant trust school this days… With that I say Goodnite Diary!


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