The Liebster Award

It’s an honour to have been nominated by Ibukun for this award. I think I had an aww moment sef. Anyways, thanks Ibukun. She blogs here

Honouring the nomination itself is work though, I almost procrastinated and postponed it till forever but am here, so I guess I didn’t listen to Miss Procrastination.

Moving on…

A Liebster is an award given to up and coming bloggers with under 200 WordPress followers, The Liebster Award originated in Germany and Liebster means dearest or beloved, and Liebe is love.”

The Rules

1. Thank the person who nominated you

2. List 11 random facts about yourself

3. Answer the questions they have asked you

4. Nominate 11 other people

5. Ask the nominees 11 questions

6. Last and definitely least, let them know you have nominated them.

Those are the rules so, let’s get started….

11 Random Facts about myself

1.      I am a guy.

2.      I love God and though I might not show it every time, I hope I get the grace to do so more often… in fact every time!

3.      I’m a Mummy’s Boy. I can’t help it; I love that woman to bits. She is my 1st lady. I still love you girls though: D

4.       I’m single right now but am off the market.

5.      FIFA! Do I have to say more?

6.      I still don’t understand why other folks envy Archi Students, especially in CU. We really are just simple, AWESOME people! Sincerely.

7.      Food! Give me a plate of anything and a spoon and you might just become my best friend.

8.      As much as the thrill of graduating soon might be, there’s a little bit of fear as to what the world might hold in store. Just kidding, the Holy Spirit got me covered. hehe

9.      I love girls. Both teenagers and kids. Can’t wait to be a father. Gonna pamper them every time.

10. Never had much luck with dinners. Prom… 😥

11. I am going to be a popular Man of God, Writer and Architect just like my mentor, Bishop David Oyedepo. You heard it here first!

So, That’s that… Next on the list… Time to answer Ibukun’s questions;


1. Art or Science?

Both. Can’t separate them.

2. What’s your motivation for blogging?

Err… Trust me, you won’t understand if I told you. Anyways, my motivation; Girls, rather, girls in molested relationships and ………. its long gist please, some other time.

3. Are you truly happy?

I’m; a son to the best mother, a brother to the best brother, a coursemate to the best coursemates, schooling in the best school, studying the best course and serving the best God. How won’t I be happy?!

4. Is there anything you’d like to ask me?

Yes. Is your sister single?…. just kidding

5. Have you dreamt today?

Yup! I dream every time.

6. Your money or your life?

Sorry, can’t help you with that. They are safe with God.

7. If you had one day off what will you do or where will you go?

I’ll be chilling at God’s feet… literally.

8. Are you a girl or a boy?


9. Have we met?


10. Have you prayed today?


11.  Do you dream of heaven?

Who doesn’t?


My Nominations

1.      Obafuntay

2.      Alariwo

3.      Bobola

4.      Moskeda

5.      Drunk Archer

6.      Ibukun

7.      Damilare

8.      Kemi

9.      Ayo Sogunro

10. Seun Thomas

11. Deolu Bubble

So, My Questions

1.     Why are you so awesome?

2.      What do/did you study in the Uni?

3.      Is CU the best school in the world?

4.      What inspires you?

5.      What do you love most about blogging?

6.      Is there a special somebody in your life?

7.      Why am I your favourite blogger?

8.      Can Nigeria ever be great?

9.      Love or Sex?

10. What’s your selling point?

11. How many questions did you answer truthfully?

Mike Dammy

15 thoughts on “The Liebster Award

  1. omGGG!!! I’m so eggg-zited… Literarily laying eggs right now… Not pooping. Just laying eggs, like a chicken.
    Thanks for the nomination too!! One question, what is taking you off the market?


  2. Thank you sir. Now to answer your questions
    1.) LOL I don’t even know how to answer this question.
    2.) Electrical/Electronics Engineering.
    3.) NO.
    4.) Hunger and a host of other things.
    5.) The fact that the internet is no man’s land.
    6.) No.
    7.) LOL you do your thing regardless of what other people think and I like that you seem humble.
    8.) YEs.
    9.) Neither.
    10.) I have none.
    11.) All of the above.
    Again, thank you for this nomination.


  3. Mr. Damy! My man!

    Thank you for this nomination, man. Means a lot.
    I’ve been here before, but Ms. Procrastination had her way.
    she’s having her way again with answering the questions, I’ll be back.
    Thanks again.

    Your blog work stays impressing me. Kudos.



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