Can’t believe I didn’t do this earlier.


I could have chosen to use words to describe the feats of Sir Alex Ferguson but I fear that I might demean him;, He’s just too awesome. I mean he redefined English football, developed various world greats, dished out the most absurd tactics (Who plays Welbeck against Madrid??!!)… and this are but a few as to what he has done to Manutd and to football. You can doubt it but that man is the Albert Einstein of Football. So I’m resorting to using pictures… Just take one picture as a thousand words and see how many words I’ve written. Hehe..

True, I’m a Manutd fan but every football fan on the face of the earth would acknowledge that Sir Alex is a once in a lifetime experience. Trust me, you’ll probably never see anything or person this great… Ever!

So, as a big fan and avid admirer of him, this is me congratulating a living Legend and I’m saying Thank You Sir Alex Ferguson for making Manchester United and Football in its entirety what it is today.











edited #sir alex

To his replacement; David Moyes, the shoes you’re filling are bigger than those of that woman who lived in a shoe with her kids but then You’ve got a great legacy and fan base to support you.

I hope you do just as well and better than Sir Alex Ferguson.


We on here would also love if you (Manutd and non Manutd fans alike) could say a something; a word, a sentence, anything about Sir Alex using the comment box below.

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Mike Dammy


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