2 Decades…

Hmmm… How do I start?

Well, what can I say; it’s been 19 years now. I’ve been battered and smothered by life in different areas of my life but yet I stand. I’m staring at my laptop’s screen now and I’m typing with such resolve that never possessed me before.

Is it because I’ve matured or cos of my bad guy status?

No… It’s because HE has helped me grow. HIS loving hands and tender mercies endure forever and I’m one of the reasons there is a “forever” in that statement.

12 or 13 years ago, I got a visit from cerebral malaria and trust me, visits from malaria and typhoid were very frequent.. I have no idea if I was cool with it, maybe I was; maybe I wasn’t but all I know that it chose not to go until HE intervened and commanded it out. True, if you ask the doctor, he would tell you “I did a good job”. Only HE and many others who have come under his grace understand that the doctor had no say in it. To HIM, I barely paid the doctor’s house or car bills and that of his staff; the doctor only cared, HE healed me.

Today, I stand writing this and I can rightly say, “Malaria, you don’t have any hold over me, I’m the Boss of you and not you of me” and that has taken me almost two decades to figure out.

19 years, too long to figure out a truth like that you might say, but go ask the people that died via cerebral malaria and those that have suffered the symptoms; loss of memory, migraine and so on. They will tell you not everybody emerges a “Boss of it” except you have the bigger Boss in you. They’ll tell you that I wasn’t lucky and I was simply privileged and this instance is but one of billions of times that He has cared for me.

Come Tuesday, the bells would roll out; birthday hats and suits would flood the terrain but one thing would keep my attention amidst this and it’s HIS love.

20 short years and I’ve survived several assassinations from the camp of the enemy.

20 years and I’ve walked over a billion death traps and mines set by the people of the underworld.

20 years and HIS love for me hasn’t waned one bit.

20 years and I’ll never regret meeting HIM.

Writing this wasn’t something that had me thinking or rummaging through my dictionary. No… I’ve understood in my stay here on earth that “when you love someone, you don’t need protocol to show it. It just flows.” If HE doesn’t hesitate to supply the air, food, water, shelter, school fees, clothes, friends and opportunities I need to have a wonderful life, why should it be a big deal for me to show mine? Why should I be a big deal for you?

So, I’m proud to say that I would add another year come Tuesday, the 14th of May, 2013 and God would be 20 on this earth via my body, soul and I thank HIM for the privilege. I boast in HIM and I stand forever for him and of all the times I’ve stopped to think or say, I can rightly say;

Thank You Father for the Gift of Life


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Thank you for Reading.

Mike Dammy


19 thoughts on “2 Decades…

  1. Aww!
    I also do this on my birthday eve’s.
    I just Sit, and think back! And I just shed tears when I know how much God has been with me! God really is faithful :)))

    Happy Birthday in advance! Enjoy a totally new season with God, hitting purpose with precision !


  2. Hmmmm Dammy we need to see. Meanwhile I am happy you can acknowledge a great God not the phyisician. Happy birthday bro and keep up the good work.


  3. Happy birthday bro! And may His mercy and grace be more than sufficient for you all the days of your life. Stay safe, stay blessed


  4. Someone should jus hold me before I start shedding tears here. . . My emotionality wants to start again. I bless God for you! I really do! Jus one phrase came from my lips as I read your post. . .”Thank you, Jesus! Thank you, Jesus”. I dunno why it feels like i’m d one in ur shoes at d moment. I bless God for his grace over you. Happy 20th year of God’s gracious mercy! Where wee d parry hold 2mao ke?


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