Happy Birthday Dammy

Bon Anniversaire!

Hi everyone! I’m so excited cos its dammy’s birthday today…and mine is in 10 days! Ok, just so you know, its not dammy writing, its Tofunmi( @Mystique561). This is supposed to be a surprise for Dammy, just a little show of our love for Him.

So through the help of Dammy’s very close friend, Moji Ajayi, I got a few of His close friends to send him birthday wishes. But before I open you up to the hearts of his friends, I’ll like to say something to the birthday boy. So here goes…


Dear Dami,

It gives me so much joy to celebrate today, your day with you. I remember when all I knew about you was your twitter handle, I was determined to know you. I mean, you write so well! You gingered me to write more and better! I’m glad I know more than just your handle now. I’m very grateful for you in my life because, you’ve been a very great source of inspiration to me. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of the blog ‘damstylee’. You’re someone I really look up to and when I grow up, I want to be better than you are now 😉 I hope you have the bestest years ahead. Grow in God, wisdom, stature, love, wealth, joy and have the bestest life ahead. Many more decades to you!




I wish I could write more but…let’s leave it there. As far as I know, Dami is really awesome and has impacted as many people that have come his way. From my research, One thing I found out for sure is that he has funny and great friends who love him so much. (Dami, if you never knew, you  better know now!) Oh! Yeah he also likes to famz too. But then, count it a great privilege if you’re famzed by Mr. Mike Dammy, you won’t remain the same!

Here’s what some of his friends have to say….

Happy Birthday. Now, start thinking sensibly, time waits for no man  😀

God’s grace.

Moyo Juyi.

Dammy was my roomy in 100Level. He was a good friend and he inspired me to have a drive to do better for myself. In general, Dami is a good role model and an ambitious being. Disciplined, Ambitious, Mature, Intelligent, Loving, Optimistic, Leadership skill, Attention seeker (DAMILOLA).

Lanre Bankole.


Dammy… I’m really glad to be one of those who will join you in celebrating your day. I hope and wish that by the virtue of your new relationship with God, you’ll always be reassured of His love for you. And I bet you, you’ll never know a better yesterday. HAPPY BUFFDAE…. LOADZZZ OF LOVE.

Titi Shittu.


The guy who always famzed me, wishing you the best life can offer as you aspire to be the best. From your one and only guy,


Happy Birthday Dammy.

I wish you the best life in years to come; I pray that God will move you from grace to higher levels of grace; from glory to higher realms of glory.

Jesse Sowole.


He’s an inspiration to so many, including myself….

Dami, we just became close and ever since then, I have loved every moment , you really inspire me and sometimes you can be annoying. But all the same, I still love you. My wish is that you really have fun and may you never lack. God bless you.

Ayobola Ogunmefun.

To Dammy,

Dami is a prolific, in-depth, flexible & natural writer that has risen beyond any doubt to be a brand name in Covenant University in short time. He inspires me as a writer. Dami is a wonderful friend. He has a blunt, straight-forward and caring personality that brings to mind how and why someone should be complete. He shapes the mandate of change in Nigeria.  HOPE NIGERIA! HAPPY BUFFDAE DAMOOOOOOM!

Seun Olajide.

Dami also happens to be very annoying…all his friends can testify to that fact 😀

Dami Dami Dami, the most annoying non-blood brother I have. I’m thankful for who you are and what you are becoming. Just to remind you that my father in heaven is not yet done with you.BE PREPARED FOR SOMETHING GREAT.

Bimbo Olorode.

Mike Dammy is just specially loved by some… J

Dami, all my life I haven’t met anyone that can be compared to you; your amazingly proportioned ‘breathing equipment’, your ‘chiking’ skills- successful or not, your emotional/relationship life(*winks), indisputable love for yourself, your cool stories, special Dami moments and most interestingly, your lovely friendship. I wish you all the best in life, joy unspeakable and all the blessings God’s promised you. Happy Birthday, Bro.

Tobi Oyelola.


Mere words cannot describe or quantify how grateful I am to God that I met you. You are my best friend and my most annoying friend. You make me happy and angry at the same time. I thank God for the opportunity to celebrate a great mind like yours. You are one in a billion. Everything I want to say to you can’t be put in words, so I’ll say this little prayer: ‘I pray this day that even as God has allowed you to see it, it will mark the beginning of the greatest days of your life. Many will come to the rising of your star. You are blessed in every way’. Happy birthday, mon ami.





Happy Birthday, Mr. Mike Dammy.

You fans and everyone on Damstylee love you so much!

Thank for reading. Please drop your comments and birthday wishes to Mr. MIKE DAMMY.

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@damstylee, @Mystique561, @kolstoppa.


Tofunmi Onaolapo


17 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Dammy

  1. I don’t really know you that much but from my distance observation, you are indeed a gem to be celebrated. Happy birthday


  2. I could have sworn I almost shed a tear when I saw this… Wow!! I’m speechless…
    Thank You Tofunmi and anybody and everybody that commented or said a word, God bless you mightily.
    I’ll forever be grateful to you and God for making today a memorable one for me.
    God bless you all.

    Mike Dammy


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