Still On the Matter… HBD Dammy

Got this in my mail yesterday.. Thank you Funke Lawal (@orifunke). I just had to post it. :d


Sorry, this is coming late, dear. Nevertheless, better late than never, innit? Since I can’t give u any physical gift, I guess it would be okay to give you a written gift,shebi?. It’s a poem. Actually, I’m not so good with poems, so just accept this the way it is coming. Thanks!

Ah! Someone from the heavenlies has joined us!
Oh! He’s a boy! Our baby is a boy!
He looks like his father. . .Oti o! More like his mother,
Said relatives and well-wishers, 20 years ago.

A new year, Another beginning,
A new race, a better dimension;
A greater personality, a living witness;
A man made a MAN. . . 20 years

Pushed by life’s force, but not shaken,
Faced with displeasures, but not laden,
Amidst several joys and countless fears. . .it’s 2 decades,man, 20 years.

A legend in d making, I see
A fulfilled being, I envision;
A graced fellow, A spirit-led man,
20 years of God’s graciousness, 20 years.

The past years may have been tough;
aforetimes might have been accompanied by struggles;
Nevertheless, better periods lie ahead, I know;
Greater years are to come, I believe.

As you clock a year older, I pray:
May God’s mercies continue to be with you,
lead you, guide you, see you through,
if u ever have tears,may they be tears of joy only;
Wishing you a happy birthday, dammy.

 Happy Birthday! God bless you!


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