Memoirs of God #2

Memoirs of God by Mae

Memoirs of God by Mae


I apologise sincerely for not posting under the series ‘Memoirs of God’ on Sunday as promised. I have no excuse whatsoever, so please forgive me 😀

Anyways, today’s post was meant for Sunday but still enjoy and be inspired.



I bless God for the gift of another day……

not just another day but a day where I am hale and hearty and surrounded by the people I love and most importantly a day with the most important one, the Holy Spirit. I woke up today with the usual habit of having to drag myself out of bed. I slept quite late even though I knew there church was today………

I woke up to the usual sound of my hall officer’s voice screaming for us to wake up. Well this gist is not the highlight of today’s post…….moving on It slipped my mind already that Sundays are usually the determining points of my week. I went to the service without anything in my heart……..

I could be quite forgetful. I thank God for the best friend I have, he always reminds me one way or another…..and his way of reminding me today was by using my pre-service meeting. I opened up my heart to him during that meeting and told him I was not leaving the service without a touch. This God is just too kind, sweet and faithful…..just when u think all hope is lost, he shows up in the most unpredicted way to answer you.

I had been having issues with my project; I got stuck just at the concluding part. The Holy Spirit had been giving me a nudge to talk to him about it but as we humans are, I chose not to talk to him about it. I just had this thought in my head that really would he be able to help me? Oh how we belittle this awesome fellow Jesus asked his father to give us. Just in this service, like he was talking to me directly from the pulpit with his eyes on me, he said he is about to visit someone concerning her project.

The charge for today’s service was about the anointing.

There’s something about the anointing oil. My chaplain made a statement of truth, ‘it’s only when you get understanding that your life will change’. It struck me there and then that I had heard about the anointing but I dint understanding the mystery behind it. I thank God for today’s service because my God of wonders visited me via his anointing. 1sam16:13 says, ‘so Samuel took the horn of the oil and anointed David in the presence of his brothers, and from that day on the Spirit of the Lord was upon him in power. Samuel then went to Ramah’.

The rhema I got in this service came from this verse. It hit me then that as long as I am anointed and since the anointing carries the spirit of the Lord therefore I carry the Spirit of the Lord. Nothing and absolutely nothing is impossible for me to do and become. There’s absolutely nothing like being in the presence of God and him opening your eyes to the secrets of his kingdom. I forgot to add that the Holy Spirit made me smile today by reminding me that he knows everything.

All we all need to do is ask and he will share with us what he knows. Remain blessed…….xx




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