A Night Among the Queens 1

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Been a while yeah… We’re really sorry on here.. we’re truly sorry. Exams, projects, studio and most importantly LAZINESS.

Anyways, today, we introduce a guest writer; Miss Antonia Joseph and she tells a story in the body of…… nah… you find out yourselves.


I know its short yeah, but still enjoy.

p.s. CU students would get a hang of this story better.


With resignation, I walked into the office, my registration details in hand, two saying female, one, male. Had the typists been blind? I don’t know. Clad in shirt and plain black trousers which managed to accentuate the fact that I was fat and obese. People sometimes mistake me for a girl. Not their fault but my anatomy, which somehow suggests what isn’t. Unfortunately, my diminutive voice leaves more to be told. In fact, I am one who people prefer to call effeminate. I do every manly thing I can think of but my flabs don’t go away. Mother started this when she named me Kemi. A name generally associated with Yoruba females.

‘’Kemi, you have to go to the other side’’ the low rumble came, from an elderly man with a stubble. I didn’t notice the new line was a girls only. The worm of low self-esteem had eaten deep into my system that I couldn’t care less about where I had been directed to. Fortunately, the woman to interview me was tired and hurriedly signed for me to go. You couldn’t blame the poor woman. The sight of the long queue behind me was really intimidating.


As soon as the driver parked in front of my hall, I stepped out with all the courage I could muster, to face my destiny. What I saw made me drop the satchel I had draped over one shoulder. Esther hall!!!

I hurriedly picked the paper which had fallen too. Surely I had read wrong. Esther hall, D309. Adekemi Durodola. ‘’The…there’s …there’s been a mistake’’ I stuttered. I turned back to the driver to explain. The smile he gave me made me blush. Was he flirting? I am a boy! But bashful me said nothing. All I had to do was explain to the women around and everything would be fine.

I took a step forward. A step that was to change my life, because that was the moment the crazy idea came. I had been bullied all my life among the boys. What if I was accepted here? I could be happy here! The angel in me scolded me for thinking that way but I promised I wouldn’t spy on the innocent girls. What harm could I cause? I just wanted to be accepted and loved for who I was and not what I was. It was risky but I stepped in. As fate would have it, my luggage was bypassed by mistake in the search routine. It was my lucky day. I mean how else could I explain the boxers and ties I had packed. As for female shoes, I could sort them later. With the best smile ever, I walked in, following the porter who directed me in…

To be Continued


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