A Night Among the Queens 2


Welcome back… If you’re wondering what the topic is, then you definitely havent read the first episode…. which you can https://damstylee.wordpress.com/2013/06/19/a-night-among-the-queens-1/

Asides that… You’re cool. so Enjoy.



Kemi, I hope you know what you are doing, the angel in me said. I rubbed the Afro on my head, ignoring the inner voice. Thank you, I said at the entrance of the room. I gave the porter who had helped to carry my box, ₦500.00, and stepped into the room. Unpacking, was the most beautiful girl I had ever dared to look at. I looked down quickly. ‘’Hello’’, she said. She was wearing a maxi dress which did little to hide the body type I had been privy to have. At that moment, I knew there was no turning back. I was so in there.

So, I had met all my room-mates: Rebecca, Zeanat and Tolulope. It felt weird at first but I decided I could live with them. It wasn’t so bad anyway. Fortunately, they all saw me as a tom-boy which meant I was safe or at least, so I thought.


          ‘’Have you ever noticed Kemi always feigns sleep whenever we dress in the room?’’ Rebecca began, one evening, exactly two days later. What the_? I thought. She was going to get me in trouble. ‘’Yeah,’’ Zeanat added. ‘’Totally weird. I mean, we are all girls why do you have to be so shy?’’ ‘’Girls, seriously? We all have diverse opinions on the concept of modesty. I don’t see any problem If I choose to.’’ Wow, my confidence had certainly improved. How else could all the words have popped out? The announcement of a program in the chapel interrupted Tolu before her contribution started coming out of her mouth. I thanked God for the sweet timing of the interruption and ran downstairs. Who wanted an offence form?


          ‘’When do you intend to unpack?’’ Rebecca asked me, the next evening. What was wrong with this girl? I asked myself, the angel in me ignored me. ‘’I will eventually unpack’’ I replied. ‘’Let’s go and have our baths’’ she suggested. ‘’Excuse me?’’ I said. They were the only words that could come out at that moment. ‘’I don’t enjoy being cooped up in that small bathroom. Most students have their baths in the laundry room. It is probably more comfortable’’ Hell no I thought ignoring the excitement the devil in me was experiencing. It had been getting difficult to hear the angel in me lately. ‘’I can’t stomach the thought of a public bath’’ I replied. Rebecca gave me a look like I was being incredulous. ‘’Becky, I just don’t savour the idea’’ I said, with a note of finality.

As I walked out of the room, it occurred to me, that Rebecca had always seen my modesty among my fellow girls as inappropriate. I should have known then, that she, who had always had her way, would not relent…


To be Continued


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