Memoirs of God by Mae #3

Memoirs of God by Mae

Memoirs of God by Mae


It has been a while and I sincerely apologise for the silence. I have been busy with my finals but still it’s not a good enough excuse. It’s good to be back. I pray that for grace to continue.
It’s been a while not just with this but even with God. I have been distant from him in the place of personal time with him. I praise him and pray in the midst of the saints but then I get back into my closet and I say nothing to him. Even when he tries to speak, I just always seem too busy for him. How unfair and callous……..
I don’t know what this is about but I know I can’t do without him and the earlier I maintain a stable relationship with him, the better for me. Well despite all of this, I have learnt something that has stuck with me. I have found a new trust in God. I am at a point where my faith in God is unshakeable. A lot has happened to me in the past few weeks. My life has taken turn on so many levels.
My final exams ended last week. I had my design jury (something like a defense) last week also. It was nearly a disaster according to the words of my assessors. We were given time to finish up our works and I just knew it had to be my father in heaven at work. My week started with external defense which frustrated me on all levels. I was tossed back and forth which was not cool at all but God helped me keep my calm despite the fact that I neglected him.
One thing kept ringing in my ears as I laid on my bed two nights ago to work. The voice was so clear and direct, ‘you can’t praise/serve God only when it is convenient’.
The highlight of today’s post is this statement, ‘you really can’t serve God only when it is convenient’. He means much more than we can ever comprehend yet alone explain. We need to begin to give God our all and our very best. He alone is worthy of it.
Someone tweeted this and I‘ll like to share it with you,

‘Spiritual maturity is desiring God’s presence more than his presents’

Remain blessed……………….xx

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