Miss Procrastination: Prologue

Miss Procrastination

Miss Procrastination

It is not news anymore what procrastination is (This opening line is a cliche right?… I figured… 😦 Unfortunately, I couldn’t think of anything creative.)

It is also not news that billions of people daily miss out on opportunities as a result of it.

I am assuming you have been a victim once or a couple of times to this destiny halting virus and you might have regretted falling prey to it then.

Procrastination in itself can be in different forms. It ranges from overlooking “little” duties like not putting the toilet seat back up to mega experiences like postponing preparing for an examination or a job interview.

Whichever one you have indulged in; so far you have been a victim, then this post is for you.

Why procrastination though? You might ask.

There are thousands of more pressing issues at hand that need correcting. Permit me to ask you one simple question, how many books of procrastination have you seen? You enter stores, bookshops and libraries and you see shelves and more shelves on books on relationships, money management, time management but nobody really has time to settle down and address a virus that peculiar to all these issues. Believe it or not, procrastination is a major reason as to why you might not be able to manage your funds or time. It is also a reason as to why you haven’t found a spouse yet when others are getting married. That just means you are overlooking something i.e. procrastinating something that just seems unimportant but is indeed very important.

One thing that still borders me though is why great authors and visioners have overlooked writing on this issue. I am prone to believing the manuscripts on it are lying fallow in some drawer or computer folder somewhere; “antics of procrastination”. Maybe that’s my inspiration or perhaps this is just a result of the quote that says “It’s what pisses you off the most that you are meant to solve”

But still, how do you manage time when you don’t feel like doing so?  How do you get to plan your expenses when her fangs are curled around your neck? What do you do then?

I sense that you are wondering who “she” is. Well, let me shock you like my favorite chaplain would say; Procrastination is a spirit and a female one at that. I’ll resist the urge to go in all spiritual so you don’t get scared off. So, I will just stick with the natural aspect of her. Procrastination is a lady. Yes, a beautiful, hour glass-shaped, British accented, red carpet stunner and I kid you not. That is exactly who he is.

To the ladies and women out there though, Procrastination is a hot dude. Take three (3) seconds to think of the most attractive man you’ve ever met or seen. If you are having troubles with imagining, just think of Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) or Channing Tatum. Done?

Mr Procrastination is hotter than that!

I hope I have gotten your attention now. The excitement or shock you feel now is exactly what I felt when I stumbled on this information. And the application of wisdom via this knowledge has helped me to an extent in resisting the urges of her aura and it still works till today.

Why should you listen to me?

I wonder also but trust me, I would love if John C. Maxwell, Ziglar or some other bad-ass motivational speaker or business mogul write this article but I’m guessing that’s not their calling. Or maybe they aren’t as pissed as I am. So don’t look at me with the eyes of a young man or unaccomplished minor and open your mind to the possibility that you might just learn from this.

Finally, let me welcome you again to my thoughts in words as I open your eyes and teach you the methods of being in total or almost total control of your time, finances and life by addressing the issue behind all the issues and most importantly, standing up to the temptations and tantrums she might just toss your way.

Get ready to tame a dragon.

Get ready to resist the best seducer ever and

Get ready to be inspired.

To get a proper review to what this motivational series might entail, I will recommend you read an article on this topic I published some months back. You can read it Here


Mike Dammy



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