Heaven is real and Hell is no different

I’ve never been one to write spiritual articles or give speeches and sermons on the things of the spirit but I felt a deep nudge to write this and the emotions that are raring me assure me that this is right. First, let me start with a well know cliché. You have probably heard it every Sunday of your life;

Heaven is real and Hell is no different.

That said, I’ll get straight to business by correcting a misconception many people especially teens and youths have grown to believe in this generation.

Some years ago when I was quite little, inquisitive and naive, my Sunday school teacher made a statement that ‘almost’ shaped my destiny and the way I viewed Gd. He said;

99.9% Righteousness won’t get you to heaven, only 100% will

From that day, I lived with a consciousness that my righteousness i.e. my password to heaven was a total function of my efforts and actions. I began to live a strict religious life, tried to imitate the life of Christ and stuck steadfastly to the Ten Commandments. On days when I broke any of these commandments, sin consciousness engulfed me and I lived with the fear that I was going to end up in Hell. The fear of raptures didn’t help matters and I began to dread everyday minute and second. “The trumpet can sound anytime Dammy” was my watchword and I lived with the fear for years on end.

It’s not like the Sunday school teacher said something wrong. Far from it, but a lesson or rather a series of lessons should have been taught me and the other kids before hitting us with the reality of that statement. Lessons that teach on who the Holy Spirit is, what he is all about, his likes and dislikes and most importantly how to maintain a personal relationship with him.

The Holy Spirit is meant to be man’s companion but unfortunately, he doesn’t exist as far as some people are concerned.

John 14:16 says

And I will pray the Father and he shall give you another comforter that he may abide with you for ever.

John 14: 26 also says;

But the companion is the Holy Ghost who the father will send in my name. He shall teach you all things and bring all things to your remembrance whatsoever I have said unto you.

So according to Jesus, the spirit is supposed to dwell within you 24/7.

I remember Benny Hinn saying once that during the time of the Old Testament, all they knew was the father, so they could only relate and speak to him. In the New Testament, It was Jesus and Jesus became the phone to connect to heaven through. But at the instance of his death and ascension, he promised he would send one like him, a comforter; The Holy Spirit. Since no body in holy trinity has come since then, it’s obvious the Holy Spirit is now our connection to Heaven. He is our ticket to Heaven.

Many ministers these days underemphasize the importance of the Holy Spirit. Truth be told, if you don’t have a personal relationship with him, entering heaven is but a fantasy to you and hell is your final destination but God forbids that. We can do nothing of relevance to God without the help of the Holy Spirit and there is a plus that comes with knowing him. God said and is still saying that we are his righteousness. In other words, we have no right to kill ourselves religiously or strictly follow the Ten Commandments because that is not what Christianity is about.

Gal 3: 18-19b says:

18. If obeying those laws could save us, then it is obvious that this would be a different way of gaining God’s favour than Abraham’s way, for he simply accepted God’s promise.

19. Well then, why were the laws given? They were added after the promise was given to show men how guilty they are of breaking God’s laws.

We are not supposed to live a life of robots strictly following some laid down rules. No, we are meant to simply trust in the Lord like

The only way out is through faith in Jesus Christ; the way of escape is open to all who believe him.

Gal 3:22

Asking what would Jesus do and trying desperately to imitate shouldn’t even be our lifestyle because with trusting and believing in Him, we have programmed ourselves to act like him, with a conscious effort on our part though. Sinning would be a little glitch and He is always ready to forgive but that doesn’t give us the right to remain in sin though.

Many live with the mind-set that they can sin all they want because his mercy prevails forever but remember Paul said

Shall we keep on sinning so that God can keep showing us more and more kindness and forgiveness? God forbid!!

Romans 6: 1-2

Just like your earthly father would still forgive you no matter the magnitude of the wrong you’ve done. Yes, he might scold and discipline you but the end result is still forgiveness but does that give you the right to wallow in wrong doings. Even with him, there might be a limit to his patience and love and he might disown you but God can’t. He loves us so much he chooses to just hate the sin and still believe in the person. But there is a clause that should keep you in check.

Rapture; The second coming of Christ.

God forbids any of us getting left behind but it is a function of your choice. It doesn’t mean we should live with the fear of getting left behind. No. Live your life, laugh and love but make sure you’re laughing the right way and loving the right person with insurance in Christ as you do.

When I was younger, I got so obsessed with trying to get the 100% pass mark and not miss rapture that I missed the whole point of Christianity altogether. Amidst all the pressure and fear, I exclaimed one day, “Let it come sef! I can’t kill myself. If I make it, fine, if I don’t, I’ll just chill for the second coming of Christ!” That my friend would have been the biggest regret of my life. In as much as Left Behind  paints life after death as daring, adventurous and spiritual, it’s nothing of such. That story is a cartoon as to what would happen in reality. The Holy Spirit won’t be present so the zeal would be gone. The devil that was described as a roaring lion even now that we can’t encounter him in the physical is causing so much havoc, do you think he would much calmer when he’s given the power to rule the world physically without the inclusion or disturbance of the Holy Spirit. Please see this light, it’s not a joke and it’s not some religious mumbo jumbo. Heaven is real and Hell is no different and both destinations would have residents come judgement day, just make sure you are on the right side.

Accept Christ now and grow spiritually with the Holy Spirit because that is your only ticket to Heaven. It’s not a tough job. No, it isn’t. It’s rather an enjoyable one and I can boldly say that come rain, come shine, if the trumpet sounds now, I’m going home to Dad. That should be your testimony too.

Life is fun, yes. Life is wonderful, yes.

But like the Holy Spirit told me a while ago, the time we would spend here on earth is like a speck in the sky as to how much we would spend in eternity.

Don’t play now to pay later.

And let me assure you of something. There is no escape, no shortcut. Your spirit does not die no matter what death you suffer. Banish any belief some psycho or movie has given you. Your bible dies, yes but your spirit stays intact and waits for the judgement day before its sent to its final dwelling place You either join the saints now or enjoy and regret a meagre 70  or 80 years’ worth of fun and immorality forever ‘in intense pain and suffering’.

The choice is yours. It would forever be yours so make the right one.

Heaven is real and Hell is no different. Never forget this.

God bless you.

Mike Dammy


Please comment and share this to someone today. You might just be saving a life.

Thank and God bless.

11 thoughts on “Heaven is real and Hell is no different

  1. Awesome! Most people know that heaven and hell are real, but they’re just too carried away by the things of the world. May God help us all. Amen


  2. Most people know for sure that Heaven is real and Hell is no different, but they live as if they know when they’ll go and they can easily repent a minute to that time. The holyspirit gave me an illustration a while ago about the live of some christians. He said the way a ‘sliced bread falls apart crumb by crumb, that’s the way a lot of lives that haven’t accepted Christ and the holyspirit are falling apart, but they don’t know it yet. And he also said ‘It’s either you are IN or OUT. You can’t be in-between. Some people will miss heaven because they believe they are not for the devil, but they are not committed to Christ. The bible says, you can’t serve GOD with mammon. Never. Very nice article and I pray people see the reality in this and turn to Christ wholly So we’ll all see ourselves worshipping with the Angels in Heaven for eternity.


  3. Judging from everything you wrote on here, I’d say its a great one… The problem is that, we know the truth but deep down some how we find it hard to follow it… May God Help us…AMEN


  4. man’s ways can never please God..the heart of a man is wicked and will always go against God until we receive Jesus and walk along side the Holyspirit . trying to please God on our own will be like fighting against nature that’s why we must first be born again into the spirit and allow the HolySpirit to constantly help us overcome our human nature and start living the spiritual life God intended before the fall of man. it is possible if we are willing.


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  6. This is a true heavenly message,worthy of acceptance. I want everyone to believe and act on this message now without any delay,for tomorrow may be too late;today is the day of your salvation.


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