A Night Among the Queens 3


Welcome back to the finale A Night Among The Queens series authored by Miss Joseph Antonia.

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That said…. Enjoy. 🙂


’Esther hall Queens, its great silence time’’ the voice of the hall officer blared from the public address system, a few hours after roll- call. I smiled to myself, wondering why nobody had caught on to my tricks. I waited for fifteen minutes for the moans coming from my room-mates to turn to snores.

In truth, the bathroom was nowhere comfortable for a plus-size like me. I still cannot understand why the laundry room idea didn’t come to me. I could be well-hidden from any girl passing at night by the wall partition. As if to answer my prayer, the light went off. Blessing my luck, I grabbed my bucket, toiletries and towel to have a quick bath.


          As I hummed ‘God in me’ by Mary Mary, I rubbed the rich lather on my face. That was when it happened right? I can’t really remember now, as I step into the Senate building to be directed to the office where the verdict would be decided.

The light suddenly came on, flooding into my eyes. Only it wasn’t PHCN that turned it on, it was Rebecca. At least, the scream that followed confirmed that. They call us Queens but frankly, I don’t think Rebecca behaved like one. She screamed like a Broiler about to be slaughtered. Why hadn’t she behaved like royalty and taken control of herself? We could have worked things out, right? Are Queens that brutal? Yeah, I found out the hard way. Girls came not just from the floor but the whole wing while opposite wings peeped through windows. They didn’t even give me the chance to hide my shame and cover my nudity.

At that moment, human nature was revealed as they rained curses on me in their mother tongues. Girls that had been forming posh. The hall officers were alerted and they took control of the situation. I was moved to a vacant room in Peter hall that night. I remember the look of disappointment on Zeanat and Tolulope’s faces. Rebecca, er, not clearly. It was probably disgust.

The security men at the entrance of the Senate Building shake their heads as I walk past them. Boy, news does travel fast. Everyone in this school probably knows about it even as you read this. Please don’t judge me, I never meant to hurt anyone. Only that fateful night among queens did I realise the full consequences of my action. People are whispering around. Don’t judge me, I want to scream.

Oh God, if you get me out of this mess, I will never do it again. I finally enter the office and the people behind the desk don’t look pleased. Please, someone, anyone, say it has happened before. Say you understand what could have driven me to do something like that. Please, anyone? It won’t happen again, I promise. Just don’t judge me.

‘’Well, Mr Kemi Durodola…’’ that is all I hear. The pressure is too much. So, I pass out…


The End


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