OMG! Have you been infected with the disease too?!

Procrastination_Sourced from Google

Procrastination_Sourced from Google

Hello! A very good day (or good evening, as the case may be) to everyone reading this post.

Woah! I’ve missed this place! I, Oluwatofunmi refuse to blame my absence on my exams (speaking of which, I’m glad to be done with the ‘bestest’ result I’ve ever had), school’s not-so-good internet, academic work or any other excuse you might want to help me out with.

My absence is based solely on one reason- PROCRASTINATION.
Really, every time I think about the root cause of issues and problems I’ve faced in the past, I feel dumber and dumber; because, all my reminiscences point to the fact that I’ve been a master PROCRASTINATOR. I know this, but I still keep procrastinating. It’s so frustrating! (FYI, procrastination made this post come late *shrugs 🙂

Procrastination is the thief of time_Sourced from Google

Procrastination is the thief of time_Sourced from Google

I sat myself down to think a few days ago. I was wondering if I had a special disease or something because I just always put things off! I’ve lost so many opportunities in my young life due to this evil, procrastination. So many times, I feel like Apostle Paul in the Bible who knew the right thing to do but his flesh just won’t let him do it. I mean, what else could be the explanation for this challenge?! Trust me, it’s NOT normal. I do have the perfect person to blame for it- the devil. Procrastination is his tool.

In my quest for finding a solution to this problem, the Holy Spirit (the inspiration behind all my write-ups) helped me come up with some points that I’m sure would help you since I know you’re also in this fight against your flesh with me. 😉

-Understand that you have many other counterparts in the world fighting this tool of the devil, so don’t ever get to that place where you think you have a special disease.
-If you take a very close look at your life, you’ll notice that you didn’t start procrastinating in one day. It was a continuous process, thus causing it to become a habit. Now, since habits are not formed in one day, therefore, stopping the habit won’t take you one day. Make the conscious, continuous effort not to procrastinate. The only remedy to procrastination is not procrastinating. As soon as you’re given a task, or it drops in your heart do something, do it immediately. That way, you’ll show the devil and his tool that you have the control.

Now not Later_ Sourced from Google
Now not Later_ Sourced from Google

-I was reading a book by Gloria Copeland- Hearing from Heaven (You should get the book, its super-cool) and she said something about procrastination that stuck to me and I doubt will ever leave me- just like the way my nose is stuck to my face. She said and I quote “Procrastination is a tool of the devil. Be as persistent to succeed as he is to make you fail.” this statement has been my driving force in my fight against procrastination. I admonish you to be persistent to do all you have to do on time. Procrastination is just a tool to lure you into failure.
-The funny thing I just discovered about procrastination is that you’re the one walking yourself into failure. Nobody else is helping you fail. You’re simply doing it yourself; by every act of procrastination. Can you see why I feel dumb every time I procrastinate? I’m sure you do.
-Finally, an assignment for us. You might have heard of the saying that if you successfully do something for 21 days, it’ll become a habit. Let’s make ‘not-procrastinating’ a habit. So, the assignment is simple, for the next 21 days-starting from when you read this post- do EVERY thing you need to do promptly. At the end of the 21 days, procrastination would have a stench you won’t be able to stand. 😀

WARNING: The process may not be easy, but always remember you’re not in it alone. I, for one, am definitely in it with you. 😀

Tofunmi Onaolapo.


P.S. I wonder what’s with me and smileys these days. Anyway, feel free to drop your comments concerning the progress of your assignment and any other thing you would like to share.
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