July 26th Special: The Renaissance Set

It was just like yesterday when I drove into Covenant University for the first time on September 9, 2009.

My shirt was huge!

My tie was massive!!

My suit gigantic!

But one thing that stood out was my smile, it was enormous!

Even with all the beautiful ladies and fresh guys around, I couldn’t hide my excitement, I was finally a University student, a “Big Boy” and my school was the revered CU. It didn’t take me long to blend in with the norms.

Striped shirts with striped pants…  A NO-NO!

Fat ties… Nope!

Brown belt on black shoes or vice versa… Definitely not!

All this I had to learn and learn fast if I had to grow among the ranks but I’m still not that high among the ranks. I mean, CU boys spend well! And it shows in their dressing, their comportment, their swagger; I’m not being boastful, but I won’t trade those boys for anything in the world.

Now for the girls; they were Angels. Starting from ***** to *****… :p. you were expecting names shey… nah, I don’t need to mention, they are all Queens and no, I am not exaggerating. Going to lecture halls, the chapel or café alongside beauties like that boosted my confidence level a billion times than it ever was. September 2009, I was the epitome of shyness, July 2013, Confidence is my watchword. I have indeed matured to an Eagle and I am ready to soar and dominate my world (Not like Hitler though).

Before I forget what I am here for, let me quickly focus.

Today is the 8th of July 2013, a mere 18 days from the grand day. The day the graduates from the Renaissance set are released as Eagles to soar. I don’t know about the other graduates, but I sure as well don’t want to leave now but like our Father, the Bishop David Oyedepo said; The world is waiting for us, we can’t afford to fail it. Come the 26th, about 1,500 students would be clad in green gowns and hats and after the “everything-everything”, we would be blessed and sent forth. There would be tears, there would be weeping but one thing I am sure would always be on my mind and the other graduates is that;

This is my family.

This is my Alma mater.

This is destiny unfolding and I have to take charge.

This is another phase, another level in life and I cannot afford to lose my purpose.

Those are the happy thoughts though, for the ones who have truly let the school pass through them, this would be what they’ll also be thinking;

This is the end of an era.

I will miss my course mates.

I will miss my friends who have now become my family.

I will miss the chaplain of life, Pastor Victor Oluwadamilare.

I will miss the best registrar ever, Pastor Ubong Ntia.

I will miss the freshest Vice Chancellor ever, Prof C.K. Ayo.

I will miss the best Chancellor you would ever get anywhere; Bishop David Oyedepo and

I will miss Covenant University.

Tears are welling up in my eyes as I pen these words down. I can’t help but thank God that he brought me here and he gave me the grace to be bred here. I won’t deny, Covenant University has changed me. I am now more purposeful, more focused, more dedicated and I have a better relationship with The Almighty God. All these Covenant University gave me and I say the biggest THANK YOU ever.

Now to why I am here, I have 18 days to go. 18 days to impart Covenant University as it has imparted me and this is one medium I plan to use.

Over the course of the final days leading to the D-day, July 26, I would be posting interviews of what I would regard as influential Kings and Queens in the graduating set. All the people that would voice their views and opinions on here would be people you’ve admired at one time and especially in this final session. Non graduating students also have the chance to learn from this exercise as this people would be sharing their ideologies, thoughts and views about themselves, Covenant University and life in general. You really do not want to miss this. :d


Meet The Influential: The Renaissance Set

Meet The Influential: The Renaissance Set

Starting from tomorrow by God’s grace, each of this interviews would posted on here for you to read and lean from. And please do share your comments and opinions. Vulgarity and foul language won’t be permitted though. Again, emphasis has been made to draw a thing thing line between being “Influential” and being “Popular”.

Finally, do follow this blog for daily updates on the Interviews in your mail. You can do so by imputing your email address using the Follow Damstylee by email widget on the right side of this page if you’re viewing this on a computer and below this post if its a mobile device you’re using.

Till then, stay blessed and to all the graduating students;

Congratulations! We made it!


Mike Dammy


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13 thoughts on “July 26th Special: The Renaissance Set

  1. I’v been a regular reader of the Damstyle’z blogs! This guy is definitely heading for the top cos Yu’v gat what it takes to be at the top! If its just these Yur write-ups, I envy Yu! Av read nice blogs of Yu…just keep it up! Back to Yur graduation on the 26th of July…I say congratulation to Y’ol graduating…Am a student of Uniben….I still gats say congrats to Yu all cos its not easy…Keep soaring like eagles the renaissance set!! Yu can follow me on twitter @DayVeedO121


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