Meet the Influential; The Renaissance Set: Ajayi Adebayo

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As we promised yesterday, we are kicking off on the Meet the Influential Interview Sessions today and this morning, we have our first Man of Influence; Mr Ajayi Adebayo. An almost Ex student of the department of Chemical Engineering.

The interviews are running in no particular order, so this is not some sort of ranking whatsoever.

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Mr Ajayi Adebayo

“Soon to be” B. Sc Graduate of Chemical Engineering

Writer. Public Speaker.


Ajayi Adebayo_Damstylee

Ajayi Adebayo_Damstylee

Mr. Bayo, it’s quite a privilege for us on here to have you accept our proposal to interview you. As the custom, please introduce yourself better so the readers would be more acquainted with you.

Bayo’s Response:

My name is Ajayi Adebayo Ebenezer-success; I am the president of “Success Within International”, a sustainable learning performance coach, a dynamic speaker and a writer.  I have a full blown passion for teaching about creativity and excellence in a very practical way. I got a mandate from God to help stimulate others to succeed and improve their lives via the knowledge of God’s Word. I will be graduating with a first class degree in chemical engineering come July 26th 2013.

You were selected to be interviewed because of your exploits as a writer, speaker and possibly a spiritual mentor.

Success Within International

Success Within International

Sincerely, how does it feel to have been selected?

Bayo’s Response:

I feel privileged to have been selected as one of the most influential students in the renaissance set. God has simply qualified me.

I would have loved to wait until later for this but I have to ask this now; you are known as Success to many people but according to you, it’s a name you adopted in 100 level. Please share with us how that happened?

Bayo’s Response:

Wow, the name SUCCESS was given to me by the Holy Spirit in 300level first semester. It was on Saturday precisely in word study meeting, a student now a graduate called Anjola was sharing about having a spiritually sensitive name having named herself “INVISIVBLE”, immediately after that I heard the name SUCCESS. The truth is that the name Success has been a catalyst for my engracement in Covenant University.

 Your zeal to write and speak. Has it always been there or did you discover it later?

Bayo’s Response:

Well I love teaching (speaking) since I was very small, but the writing zeal came while on campus having known that I won’t always have a platform to speak but my writings can be seen anywhere when in print.

You have published two books as an undergraduate. A remarkable feat I must admit. How did you go about it and where did you get inspiration to write them?

Bayo’s Response:

I have published three books and not The first one in which I co-authored “GOD”S WORD FOR YOUR ACADEMICS” came after hosting an academic seminar on campus and I felt we should package the seminars into a book format. But the 2nd book “MENTAL ILLUMINATION” came during my Industrial Training program and it was done under 3months. And the 3rd book “SUCCESS HANDBOOK” in which I co-authored is a publication of my organization. Am a product of GRACE.

Okay, let’s get to reviewing your books; Success Handbook. What is the book about?

Bayo’s Response:

Success handbook is a catalyst to life’s reaction which will stimulate everyone that comes in contact with its success rate. In it, you will learn strategies that when applied will ensure your transformation in life. It covers various sectors, such as: Core Values, The process, Activating your mind, Enemies and Life nuggets

What about Mental Illumination?

Bayo’s Response:

The book Mental Illumination is a product of Divine inspiration and research. The book is focused on translating impossibilities to possibilities, failures to success, weakness to strength, and ideas to reality via the effective utilisation of Mental Power – “The Mind”. The book contains points which will enhance the illumination of the brain via, reading, thinking, physical tips and the Spiritual Catalyst. We all still need to improve ourselves constantly. Abraham Lincoln said “I do not take seriously a man who does not advance positively from where he was yesterday”; making this book a must-read for everyone.

Your books were handed out as gifts to the Attendance unit final year team for their diligence during the TTG sessions. I dare say that was a real honour. How did it feel watching your books being given out?

Bayo’s Response:

I believe life is all about impact, so when I saw my books been giving out, all I could see what impact been made.

You have been an active member in the Word study unit for virtually of your life as a Covenant University student which is astonishing. You are also reckoned to be very responsible and humble. I’m guessing this didn’t all start in CU.

Bayo’s Response:

I love Word study Unit, I have passion for teaching generally and word study unit serves as platform for that, I was made the welfare officer when I was in 300 level this also foster and increased my love for the unit. Humility is a virtue that everyone should possess; humility is simply the acknowledgment of God in every single phase of life.

Once again, Congratulations! You are in the renaissance set, the 8th graduating set in Covenant University’s history. Having spent four years in the school, how would you describe your experience as a student?

Bayo’s Response:

I spent 5years due to the duration of my program “Chemical Engineering”. My experience in Covenant University is simply a lifestyle of GRACE AND GLORY. Coming to covenant university is the best decision I have ever made, thanks to my parents. I have learnt a lot of things; spiritually, morally, academically and also leadership wise. The 7 Core values of the institution will be my watchword for life. Spirituality, integrity, Possibility mentality, Capacity building, responsibility, diligence and sacrifice.

 Everybody has them, but I bet not many know yours. Do share with us your most embarrassing experience as a student in the school?

Bayo’s Response:

Well my most embarrassing moment in Covenant University is the day I scored 3/70 in a test and my name was called by the HOD.

A trivia question, if you had the chance to come back to earth and start all over again, would you take the same actions you have taken in this one and why?

Bayo’s Response:

If am to come back to the earth, I am going to follow the same path I had taken but will be more diligent and time conscious.

In ten years, where do see yourself? What are your aspirations and long term goals?

Bayo’s Response:

In the next 10 years, I should have completed my masters and PhD program and happily married. I should have also been a professor by then. My organization should have also gone global.

Moving on a global perspective, what role do you hope to play in restoring the image of Nigeria?

Bayo’s Response:

I hope to cause a revolution in the educational sector of the country. I have passion for education and I believe that once a nation can instill will power and commitment to learning in her nation then the nation is set for a global transformation.

 To the other graduates in the 8th graduating set of Covenant University, the Renaissance set, what do you have to say to them?

Bayo’s Response:

To my fellow graduates in respect of what you are graduating with,  I want you to know that THE RACE HAS JUST BEGUN and never forget the 7 CORE VALUES. Thank you and see you at the top!


Thank you for your time and consideration.

Congrats on your imminent graduation.

God bless.

Mike Dammy

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11 thoughts on “Meet the Influential; The Renaissance Set: Ajayi Adebayo

  1. This a great avenue to learn from not just life changers but also world changers.thanks for making this available and to Adebayo Ajayi Success more grace be unto you and never relent in ur work of impactation.God bless u.


  2. Mr Ajayi Bayo, who I love to call “coach” is indeed an embodiment of what his pet name “Success” depicts. One major thing I learned from him is planning and acting. We’ll meet at the top bro. Thanks Damstylee for sharing this success story.


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