Meet the Influential; The Renaissance Set: Chidi ‘Lex Ash’

Well, we are back again. Sorry for not posting anything yesterday, the network was hectic. Today, we celebrate another ‘soon to be’ graduate from the Renaissance Set; Popular photographer; Mr Chidiebe Ashimole or as some of you might know him; Lex Ash.

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Mr Chidiebe Ashimole (Lex Ash)

“Soon to be” B. Sc Graduate of Estate Management

Photographer. Musician.

Mr Chidiere Ashimole

Mr Chidiere Ashimole


·        Mr. Chidi, thank you for accepting to be interviewed by us. Many know you as Lex Ash, some; Chidi and a few (If there are any) don’t know you at all but I’m not sure they know your real names. Please, can you introduce yourself briefly?

Lexash Photography

Lexash Photography

·        My name is Chidi Ashimole, and well, the “Lex Ash” came from my middle name “Alex” and surname. I guess it easy for people to know the persona more than the real name eventually. I am the second of four, and I am a graduating student from Estate Management in the prestigious Covenant University.

·         You are one of the few that got nominated for these interview sessions. Sincerely, how does it feel to have been nominated?

·        To be nominated in this capacity, I consider a huge honor because in all sense of it, I’m not sure I’ve done anything to deserve it. I’m just one smallish random guy, with a very Big God.

·        Lex Ash has become quite a popular name in Covenant University but you have not always been this person. Behind the whole Lex Ash persona, who is Chidi Ashimole?

·        Chidi is simply a gentle, calm never-getting-angry guy, who loves people. I consider myself very artistic and creative though because I could just sit down and be imagining a whole lot of stuff. I like to think and do stuff with my hands… I also love to listen to people, organize events, play once in a while, read novels, watch movies, just your random every day guy sha.

·         The first time I noticed you was when you performed No other choice by Tye Tribbett in a Sunday service about four years ago. Next time I saw you some years later, you were armed with a camera. Has photography always been your career choice?

·        As I said earlier, I consider myself very artistic. I write (poetry, stories, articles, speeches etc.), sing, play a number of instruments (Not expertly sha, but I know my way around them), act, draw, calligraph, graphically design, and a number of stuff I can’t remember. To talk of photography as a career choice for me will be quite limiting ‘cause I have so much more planned. These are just the tips you’ve seen.

·        With the way you’ve blossomed in such record time on the Covenant University frontiers, it’s hard to imagine that there were stumbling blocks along the way. Did you have hard times on your rise to stardom or was it a smooth sail?

·        Everybody gets hard times. Because of my stature, it was easy to write me off as unserious, especially when you look way younger than your age like I do. I also had to rent cameras, and people can use you to do shakara ehn… But all in all, I have God and there’s no one else that has the power to open doors like Him. As for blossoming in record time, I don’t know about that oh #laughs

·        Are you planning to make a career out of this or is this just a hobby?

·        It’s a part of a much bigger plan. I plan to put together a media agency that will definitely include photography as a major part.

·        You covered the wedding of the Ogahs’ i.e. Mr Steve Ogah and formerly Miss Love Oyedepo. How did you get the contract and how was the experience?

·        People think famzing is a bad thing. What others may call famzing, I call marketing and acquiring connections. I’d always wanted to meet her in person and as she also told me, she’d been wanting to meet me for a long while as well.  So we became friends and when the wedding stuff came up, I told her it would be an honor to be a photographer from her personal point of view and she agreed. The experience I can explain from two views. It was exhilarating that day, so many people wanted to take pictures of the daughter of the grat Bishop Oyedepo, and small as I was I was practically pushed around. But those kind of obstacles are no excuse for getting your shots. At the end of the day, I turned out to have directed the photoshoot and it was fun. I ended up sleeping for 10 hours after that. I enjoyed myself so much but was tired in the end. I give God all the glory.

·        It is hard to see a really cool picture taken in Covenant University now without your logo standing firm at the bottom corner of the picture. How does it feel to be Chidi ‘Lex Ash’ now?

·        I feel it’s God. I also feel I’m nowhere near there. I feel humble to be given the honors I get when I do such insignificant things. I do believe there’s so much work to be done. And I believe that life is in phases. This is an early one.

·        Amidst all the photo shoots you’ve handled, is there one that you’ll say got your attention and intense concentration the most and why?

·        I recently had a kind of photography training that I invited a lot of people for but few showed up. I invested a lot of time, money and resources into it, and at the end of the day, it was still a success for me because though few people came for it, I put my best into it, and they can all confess that it was a nice time they had, And the pictures I took that day where some off my best pics yet. All that missed must have known they did.

·        If there is one person you would love to have a photo shoot of, who would it be?

·        That’s hard. I love people. So I can’t categorically tell you one now and…. #laughs… But I’d say it would be an honor to have a photoshoot with Papa (Bishop David Oyedepo). It would just be a greatest honor. Come to think of it, he has come for a shoot I was doing before. He laid His hands on me. And I got a picture with him. It wasn’t easy…

·        With your wonderful voice and carriage on stage, is there any chance that you might end up in the music industry rather than the photography industry?

·        Why do people think I have to choose? I intend to do both, and way more.

·        Come July 26, you would be an Estate manager, a photographer and a musician. Which of these professions are you planning to major in?

·        Of all those, Estate Management is not on the queue… I have little or no interest in it. Ok, maybe when I have made a lot of money, I will interest in Real Estate like Donald Trump or something.

·        You have spent five good years in this school. Briefly share with us how the experience was.

·        I can boast of this anywhere, Covenant University is the best ever. You cannot be a graduate and not be redefined or have a renewed mind. The environment is partial, it picks only the most impressive and smartest minds and the geniuses I have met are indescribable. There are so many of them, For instance, I know a guy who between his SS3 and year 2 had learned to speak French and Spanish fluently, all on his own, I mean who does that? Agreed, C.U has its ups and downs but which school doesn’t. Abeg, this school makes mad sense joor.

·        Everybody has them, but I bet not many know yours. Do share with us your most embarrassing experience as a student in the school?

·        My Lecturer once flared up at me in class. This had never happened to me before. I was honestly asking a valid question and because his class was boring initially, he had caught me using a tab earlier. He had seized it, but apparently, that singular incident absolved my right to ask questions in class. I guess I can call that my most embarrassing moment. It’s never happened before.

·        In ten years, where do see yourself? What are your aspirations and long term goals?

·        In ten years, my media company will be a pace setting giant of a company. I say will because it’s more than hope for what is to come. The name Petal Links Media Inc. will be a household name as regards media in Nigeria and across the entire continents of the world. If God could give me as little as Covenant university, and I was able by His grace to conquer it, The world should not be that hard, I do serve The God, you know.

·        Moving on a global perspective, what roles do Mr Chidi and Lex Ash hope to perform as true patriots in order to enable Nigeria achieve a better reputation?

·        My passion in life is helping people with all I know how to do. Nigeria happens to be where God sent me to do it. I take the concept of Nigeria as a Brand that needs a new face. If we can show the world that we are not mere jungle people in animal clothing, jumping about like savages as the entire world probably envisions us to be, but the productively refined, high class mentally advanced creative individuals that we are, Nigeria will be rebranded. And I intend to contribute from my quota in my own little way by pushing the brand that is Nigeria in the positive light that it is.

·        To the other graduates in the 8th graduating set of Covenant University, the Renaissance set, what do you have to say to them?

·        This set happens to have some of the best crop of minds and valuables the world is about to see. The world is not ready for us, but we are coming anyway. I see the renaissance set taking seats at the top positions of every industry because we’ve been empowered in this line. Go take what you own, people. The sky is where we’ll be looking down at when we are starting.

·        You would definitely be missed, what parting note would you leave behind for the non-graduating students?

·        Non-graduands, let this set set the pace for you as you come behind us. You’ve so much to live up to and enjoy to be in the place we once were. It’s no mistake that you are here at this time because God has ordained all this. My parting note is this, “Never let your challenges define you or deter you from pushing yourself where you should be or are going. Let them rather be stepping stones to achieving your goals. Allow God use you for His Glory”. With this tip, nothing is impossible.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Congrats on your imminent graduation.

God bless.


Mike Dammy

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6 thoughts on “Meet the Influential; The Renaissance Set: Chidi ‘Lex Ash’

  1. A big thanks to Lex Ash….. u ‘ve captured my heart wif the picture of your great future….i feel like exploding here too


  2. It’s amazing how a person in love with God can soar. It’s more than a story, it’s a reality that can be everyone’s experience if you are completely sold out to God. The sky is truly your starting point Chidi. Don’t lose sight of God, He’ll take U places!


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