Meet the Influential; The Renaissance Set; Emmanuel Iruobe

A big sorry from we on for not posting the “Meet the Influential” interviews as we promised. We have no excuse whatsoever, sincerely.
Anyway! Today, we introduce a well bred soon to be Covenant University graduate; Mr Emmanuel Iruobe. Please read and be inspired as he shares a bit of him with us.

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Mr Emmanuel Iruobe

“Soon to be” B. Sc Graduate of Electrical Engineering

Writer. Public Speaker.

Emmanuel Iruobe_Meet the Influential

Emmanuel Iruobe_Meet the Influential

Mr Emmanuel, Thank you for accepting our invite to be interviewed under short notice. As is the custom, please do introduce yourself briefly so the readers might know you better.

I am a great benefactor of God’s Graces and multipartite Wisdom. A young graduate with a tremendous drive to, first of all develop and utilize my full potential, and secondly to severely impact the world with what God has put in me. I have huge interests in Leadership Development and Personal Effectiveness; these interests have driven me along the lanes of massive personal development of myself and others.

It’s no news that you were selected as one of the few to get interviewed by Damstylee because of your exploits as a student council chairman and also because of your public speaking and birthing Legacy. Sincerely, how do you feel to have been selected as one of the few?

These are not achievements, anyone could have done them. I feel humbled and privileged to be of any worthwhile contribution to the society at large. Service is about the only rent we can pay to be living.

You are one of Covenant University’s most influential students in the Renaissance set. Why do you think people are looking up to as one of the next generation of leaders of this country?

I don’t know for a fact that “people look up to me as a next generation leader of the country.” The role I carved out for myself was merely ensuring that the next generation leaders had sufficient philosophical orientation to exhibit premium Leadership.

You are known for starting Legacy; A Leadership Syndicate set to catalyze the Leadership Revolution that is greatly desired in the country via a plethora of strategies. Where did the inspiration for that come from?

It came after I heard for the first time that honourable members of the national house of assembly fight during their sessions; till date, this ranks among one of the greatest shockers of My Life. I grumbled a bit, and then decided grumbling was not a productive response. The Holy Spirit took over with diverse inspirations and the rest is history.

It’s been a while since you were the student council chairman and you are still very influential to both the student council and the school’s management. How did you achieve that?

Again, I don’t see it as an achievement. I believe the only acceptable justification for living is how much value (or service) one adds, I kept adding relevant value in the areas that were of priority to both units. But again, anyone could have done this, and many have.

I have known you to always have something running; no idle moment, no time wasted. With that philosophy still active, what are you working on now?

I’m sure my first response above answers this: I am looking to discover more of Me and serve humanity in greater dimensions. Skills are necessary for effective service so I’m working on a Skillset Development Initiative which is a key highlight for 2013. Along with the SDI are 5 other plans I’m running simultaneously, all in a bid to better position myself to serve.

It’s obvious you would end up as a public speaker of sort, is that where it all ends or is there another career you plan to indulge in like say, the course you studied in school?

No human knows my end! All I know is: as I get a leading to explore newer initiatives, I would seize them with the might of all I have within. From the little I know, I doubt Public Speaking is the end, I believe it’s a means to the end; and so is the 5-year Engineering program I studied at Covenant.

I have heard you speak and trust me; you’ve hit that spot not many speakers have ever dreamt of hitting. How did you get so good in what you do?

Let me refer to Dr Oyedepo: “Excellence is not necessarily a function of expertise but a commitment to continuous improvement.” I wasn’t born this way; I just kept learning everything I could lay my hands on and listening to the best speakers on the planet. I knew I had something for speaking and I was determined to comb the earth to learn how to do it better, I still am!

If there was a question you were hoping I would ask because you would have the perfect answer for it, what would it be? And what would your answer be?

I don’t have a perfect answer for anything. But if you ask me the two most important things a graduate must indulge in, I’d say God and a continuous focus on the future with the necessary planning and capacity building to get you there. Mind you, if you want to excel, don’t go building capacity in the things you are not cut out for, look for things you are passionate about because passion, as I have come to realize, is a greater fuel source than anything crude oil has ever produced.

Your inspiration and zeal for what you do is amazing. Where do you channel it from and why hasn’t it dwindled yet?

Even if God were to stop inspiring people, look around you, there’s enough reason to keep doing stuff that can profit humanity. Do you know just how many people are, shelter less at this very moment? Huge potentials are wasted because they do not have the necessary finances to fine-tune their raw talents via education and the likes, and I could have been like them! I do a cross-country road travel from the West to the South of Nigeria at least once a year; perhaps the zeal will dwindle when I make that trip and don’t see anything that pricks My Heart.

If there is anything you want your friends, followers and admirers to learn from you as you graduate what would it be?

The most important thing about you is the reason you wake up every day, the reason you were sent to the earth. Find it, and keep doing it till the day you die; nothing else matters as much as doing what you were engineered to do, NOTHING ELSE.

You have spent five good years in this school. Briefly share with us how the experience was.

Overall, it’s been transformational, and somewhat challenging too. My first year was tough, I started here with a financial crisis that crippled my feeding and almost everything else, God helped me. My second year was tougher, I got hit with some of the worse moments I’ve had on the planet and then I got the call to serve on the Student Council at about the same time. Keeping a good attitude was hard, but again God helped me. It was at that same time that the inspiration for Legacy arrived. I got my highest call to serve as a Student Leader in My third year, combining that with academics required a delicate balance that tripped many times but I couldn’t have accepted anything less challenging. Ever since then, it’s been one opportunity after the other, one privilege after the other and so on. Misunderstandings and controversies have come, but that’s part of the stuff leaders are made of.
Coming to Covenant University was a hyper necessary move, I just know it!

It’s not something anybody is proud of, but it always brings up a good laugh. What would you regard as you’re most embarrassing moment as a Covenant University student?

Perhaps the day I was called to address a group of professionals from the length and breadth of the country in the University Chapel and I made a breath-taking mess of it. Lolll… That day taught me how to make impromptu presentations and nail them.
Truthfully, on the body of many stars, you’ll find scars!

In ten years, where do see yourself? What are your aspirations and long term goals?

Service, service, service. In ten years, I’d be running with a clearer vision of my visions and I’d be better positioned to do what I do.

In the nearest future, when it is being mentioned what each graduate of the Renaissance set has done to help rebrand the current image of Nigeria, what would your contribution be?

Aggressive Leadership Development at the grassroots, and financial stimulation of the key rebranding initiatives; except of course God has a better idea.

To the other graduates in the 8th graduating set of Covenant University, the Renaissance set, what do you have to say to them?

You have gold in you, never forget that. You have a brain and a network of like-minded people, never forget to leverage on them. You have a God above you; never forget to ride on Him. Do not forget the cause that we drive, don’t!

You would definitely be missed, what parting note would you leave behind for the non-graduating students?

One day, maybe within the space of an hour, the opportunity to kick-start your vision will come. It may come without notice and you may not see the potential in it because it may come disguised. If you are thoroughly un-prepared for it, you will miss it and have to wait for a long while, if you are partially prepared, it could be the start of a meaningful journey; but if you are thoroughly prepared and seize it, you will be amazed at how fast you move on the trajectory to relevance!
Preparation means you’re connected to God, you’re aware of what you want to do, have a plan of some sort to get you there, built the capacity and skills required, and you’re constantly sharpening and updating them.

Thank you for your time and consideration.
Congrats on your imminent graduation.
God bless.

Mike Dammy

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One thought on “Meet the Influential; The Renaissance Set; Emmanuel Iruobe

  1. This post reeked of humility and I couldn’t but not ask myself this question, are we born with it or we learn how to be humble?
    Anyway, congrats to the graduating set and I can only pray that they all fulfill destiny. Again, Congrats!!


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