To my Coursemates by @DatTallDude

Took me a while to pen down a disclaimer for this post so I didn’t border trying :d.
It really doesn’t need one because it speaks for itself.
I do hope the people to which its addressed feel the same way because I might have cried if it concerned me.
Anyway, Do Read, Cry, Laugh but never forget one thing, True Friendship Lasts Forever


So I left school yesterday and as I moved my luggage out of the room for the last time, I was on one hand happy because it was indeed the very last time, at least I didn’t have to clean up after my roommate SOLOMON anymore and teach him how to arrange his locker, but I was sad at the same time, as I looked at OSATO on my bed and realized I might not see my little black boy again till October. My heart sunk and a slow song playing in the background might have made me cry like CHIDINMA and TOYIN did on that day :). I could feel my heartbeat in my mouth as I shook TONY and DONALD for the last time before I entered the cab that was to take me home. I had never felt as lonely as I did on my way home that evening.
I started recounting all the moments I would miss and now cherish more than ever. The long gist with the guys and the jokes that brought my 6-pack rearing their heads out of my shirt with laughter, the insults we rained on people and one another that brought mantles on people’s heads, ONYEMAECHI‘s laugh that made everyone laugh again… I recounted everything as the cab drove away from the comforting walls of CU. I realized that life was going to be more difficult without these wonderful people in my life. Not because things were going to be done easier and faster, but because we always found and find a way to laugh in every situation. Always!!!

But I loved every moment throughout the four years, every damn moment. From the days when boys and girls had separate sitting sections and no-one miraculously crossed the other’s part, to the day when TOYIN tore the attendance sheet and no boy was courageous or well-built enough to confront her, all walking away grumbling like the men that wanted to stone the prostitute in d bible. I’ll miss everything. From the girls I never spoke to, to the one I sometimes spent up to 10hrs of my day with. Yeah, y’all know that one -__- .I’ll miss UCHE OKOYE, my over-able course rep; I salute your courage, your outspokenness and your will ma’am. CHIOMA OKAFOR, the Egyptian queen. How the sound of my voice made you understand what you were reading better is the best thing anyone has said about my voice (and I hope you were not whining me sha πŸ™‚ ). They say we look good together. Well, you never know, I might just get my shit together quickly enough to steal you from your father’s house before all these rich, beautiful-ladies-thirsty men do -___- .And AKINDELE TOYIN, my friend for ages! Your confidence weakens me; your ability to relate with everyone wows me also. I hope we get to finish up our New Horizon business so I could get to see you smile more times. And while we are there, there’s one thing I will always keep out of your reach… My ass! -___- . To Mrs Dilz, my gangster friend, never knew you could shed tears … EVER!!! But you did and showed that you had a heart asides the one with which you love that Asaba boy! That side of you, I like. The gangster side, I love :D.

To my baby ONI IKEKHUAH (hope I got the spelling sha πŸ™‚ ) I’ll miss the motherly attitude on the inside of you my dear. Will never forget you depriving me of biscuits and cookies till a certain time determined by only you during TTG -___- , and I hope I get to see you again so I can toss you up in the air one more time :). KUPONIYI OLUWADARASIMI!!! Kupsy Dee of life! What can I say about this adorable, smart daughter of mama Kupsy huh? You brought out a side of ABRAHAM that I thought we would never see and made AYO look like a good comedian -__- . Keep laughing Kupsy, it’s never too much. And to ADELABU KEMI the Samsung ambassador, you better tell me when the Indian guy arrives so we’ll come for the introduction :). Haha! DAMILOLA IDOWU! le smallie of life!!! your cute handbags left me wishing I had a girlfriend I could get one of those for. Don’t worry, will contact you when I have one (and I hope it’s soon sha πŸ™‚ ). TOYOSI ANDE! you cute little black beauty! will miss our ‘not-that-high fives’, so happy you hit that first class. You deserved it! And to AJAKAIYE UNIQUE my realest G, keep being real sis, and stop dreaming cos you’ll never be as tall as I am even if you stand on the chair in chapel! -__- . And to ONIMOE ANN (Tony), a cast in one of the blockbuster movies made during our stay, my own Kim K, I’ll miss your hug dear, every boy that has hugged you before will miss your hug :). To SUZZIE, my TTG partner, better tell PH boy that I’m here if he messes up. I respect your courage and ability to stand for what is right dear and I’ll keep bugging you when I need an advice :p. OPARA CHIBUZOR my nigga! always acting all tough but I know there’s a soft spot in there, even softer than we imagine. Keep being you my G! πŸ™‚ . And to DUNNI KASALI my name sake (@dattallbabe). You are everybody’s friend for a reason… your smile brings them closer. I’ll miss you dear.

Haha!!! ODUTOLA MAE my bride, saw you on my first day of resumption in CU. We were all pursuing registration in the chapel when your file fell and your papers scattered all over the floor. I quickly stored the surname from one of the papers as I beheld d beauty, don’t know if you remember this, but I do. I’ll miss you Mae, I’ll miss my bride :D. And to ADIGUN OLAMIDE, my family friend that has left a single nigga like me alone because she now has a boyfriend, God will find a babe for me. Will miss you Hun :). Yes! TARE MAJOROH, I see you when you pray and errrm… I see the spirit move. Thank you for that MIS shirt once again, for the initiative and its success. And to KELE-NZEH PRINCESS, some say we are dating, others say we will date, I say we know what we are. I’ll miss you and you know it, just making sure you don’t blow my head off for not stating it here :). And to those I have not mentioned, I’ll miss you too cos whether you like me or hate me (LAIDE -___-), you have been a spectacular part of my journey through CU. I’ll miss you all deeply :’).

Wherever you are, reading this, please give a minute silence to the memory of Mrs. YEJIDE AJAKAIYE, it’s more important than everything I’ve been writing since. May her soul rest in perfect peace.

Adekanbi Adedipo David. (@dattalldude on twitter)
Graduate of Management Information Systems, Covenant University.
Class of 2013.


10 thoughts on “To my Coursemates by @DatTallDude

  1. Good piece and well articulated, like my igbo people will say my son you have spoken well. But I have I few questions why didn’t you tell them to their faces? Where did courage the cowardly dog go? Lol. Before I forget please don’t forget to light a candle for my mum @ Thanks. All protocols duly observed.


  2. Most touching and wonderful article.. Nice one dipo. And my heart goes out to my bro Temidayo Ajakaiye and Family. You are a strong man! God bless and see y’all at the top. We ll make that mark.


  3. Awwwww kanbi!!! *teary eyes* And u knw i dint leave u -______- To Temidayo and family,my heart goes out to you!! May her soul rest in perfect peace…..


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