Joshua Fela – Episode 2 “Nath”

Last time, it was my story. Today, Its Nath’s.
If I don’t make you see it in this perspective, you may never get why I have a story in the first place.

    True friendship is not formed at eye level, its formed from the bonding of hearts.”

I learnt this the hard way.



“Nath… Nath.”

I opened my eyes to see my roommate calling me and gently tapping me. He’s wearing a tank top, even with his skinny frame, a pair of trainers and some gay looking shorts. I squinted in disgust and shook my head in pity.

“What?” I replied still sleepy.

“Its saturday morning.” Josh replied.

I continue staring at him and he stares back. After a while and it seemed like we were in a staring contest, I had to break the disturbing silence.


“Dude, we jog on saturday.”

“No, we don’t.” I objected. “You jog on saturday, I take strolls.. And even if I’m gonna go jogging, I aint following you dressed like that.”

“Like how?” He sounded puzzled and examined himself.

I paused to think of what cruel word to use. It musn’t be too harsh but it must hurt.

“Like a gay human being. People are going to think we are a couple and with the way you carry yourself normally, it won’t be hard to disprove it.” I turn my back to him and face the wall.

After a while, Josh chuckled and I could bet he was shaking his head and staring at me pitifully.

“Stop staring at me.” I said still backing him.

“Ode! Be forming psychic there, I’m not staring at you. Just know you’re missing a lot. Most of the guys are jogging.”

“What guys?” I asked. I turned my head just in time to see Tope, Lekan and some other boys walk in. They are all wearing the same type of shorts. They were chatting among themselves and consistently laughed out in short bursts. Tope’s laps were bulging out and his crotch appeared like it would pop out anytime. The sight was repulsive and disgusting.

I stared at them for two seconds until I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to get out of here and I rummaged my mind for an escape route. Suddenly I jumped up and rushed to the toilet with my hands clasped over my mouth.

Over the running water, I heard Tope’s voice. He asked Josh what was wrong with me but I didn’t quite hear Josh’s reply before I heard the door shut behind them.

“Good.” I said as I walked into the room. “Some peace and quiet at last.” Pretending has gotten a lot harder this days, I need to get out of here and soon. But first…

I picked up my Q5, opened my contact list and scrolled down to Abigail. What excuse do I give her this time?
It took me seconds but I finally got one. Algebra has got to help me here.

The call rang out loud. After the fifth ring, I figured she wasn’t going to pick but voila! she did.

“Hello?” Her angelic voice sounded over the phone.

“Hello.” I replied trying to sound as calm as possible.


“Yea… Its Nath.”

“Nath darling” she called me darling \ O /… “Its seven in the morning, I need to sleep.”

“I’m really sorry.” Sorry kor “I just needed to talk to you urgently.”

“Oh God.” She complained. “And it can’t wait?”

“No… I just want to know if you will be free this evening.”

“What for?”

“I need you to put me through our last Algebra topic.”

“Nath. You’re the best at algebra in our class. In fact you’re the best in the freaking school sef!” shit! Algebra.. Dude, you couldn’t think of something else

“I know.” I say still trying to maintain my composure. “I just really lost it last class. Please, can you help me?”

“Errr… this evening… I don’t know o. What time?”

“Four… No Five.” Josh would be around the cafeteria by four. Last thing I want is for him to see me with the love of his life

“Okay.” She finally agreed. “Where?”

“The cafeteria.”


“Thanks a lot.”

“Don’t mention. And Nath?”


“Please, don’t keep me waiting.”

“I won’t. Thanks Ronke.”


“Bye.” And she dropped.

“Settled that. Now…” I stop to think

Now, I need an excuse to give my stupid roommate when I return.


The cafeteria was hot and the gigantic bright light bulbs were not helping matters. It did help in one thing though; she had gotten increasingly uncomfortable and with each passing moment unbuttoned her shirt exposing her cleavage. It was already turning out to be one of the best days of my life when she stood up to leave and I was employing every trick in the book to get her to stay.

“What can I say, I’m not very handsome.” I said continuing our discussion. We had been here just ten minutes and I was done with my assignment so we were just chatting or rather, I was trying desperately to keep her around. The sight of her chest was too awesome. I couldn’t just let her leave. Just ten minutes! You couldn’t bring up a better plan Nath.

“No, you’re not.” She replied oblivious of what she just said. Or was she?

I searched for solace in her eyes that would betray what she just said but I found none.

“You are joking right?” I asked teasingly.

“Nope. You’re not handsome.” She looked away from me and waved at some of our course mates. I wave at them too and they waved back.

“Ronke, you know that’s mean right?” I finally said down casted

“What’s mean?” She replied lost and out of place. I stared at her and she remembered our discussion.

“Oh! You mean the not handsome part? Its true now, you’re not handsome. Josh is more handsome than you.”

“What?” I exclaimed in surprise. “Josh? You’re joking right?”

“No, I’m not. Josh is handsome, you’re not. Come to think of it, where’s Josh? You guys are always together.”

Her slightly saucy attitude was beginning to piss me off.

“I don’t know.” I reply disgusted. Stupid bitch! First, you call me ugly, now you’re asking me where Josh is. Nonsense.

“You know I’m standing right in front of you.” Her voice dragged me back to the cafeteria from my brief visit to my subconscious.


“You looked like you were planning my murder. Is it because I said you are ugly?”

“Your murder?” I replied while trying desperately to conjure a smile. “What are you talking about?” I adjusted my smile and tried to see if it looked genuine through her pupils.

“You were staring and making faces at me. You’re even faking a smile right now.” Her hands were on her hips now and she was staring directly into my face.

“Really? I swear I did not know.” I asked still feigning ignorance. My eyes examined and I scanned her appearance for a brief second before returning it to her face as fast as I could.
I hope she didn’t notice

She was a real goddess I had to admit. No wonder Josh was in love with her. Her dark hair was neatly combed and slightly dropped on her shoulders. Her eyes spoke volumes and it fit perfectly on her almost perfect face. And her lips! Those lips! If I could just lean in…

A slap on my face brought back my consciousness.

“What?” I exclaimed. “Why did you slap me?”

“You were leaning in to kiss me, idiot! Perv!” She hissed and turned to go in the direction of the female dormitories.

“I’m sorry!” I shouted after her. “I did not know what I was doing!” My eyes remained glued to her frame. Her backside was sending crazy signals to my brain and you know what.

I must bang this girl. Even if its the last thing I do


Back at the dormitory, Josh was playing Fifa. As usual… that boy really needs to get a life. I shut the door behind me and head straight for the loo. After I was done with my private business, I stepped out of the toilet into the room. Josh was first to speak.


“Yea.” I answered scornfully. He didn’t notice though.

“Where were you? I came back from jogging and you were gone. By the way, Jogging was fun.”

Yea… Gay jogging. “I went to see your babe.”

“Ronke?” I noticed the excitement in his voice.


“For real?”

“No idiot. Why would I go and see your babe? Am I that jobless?”

He paused the game to turn and look at me. “You’re just not smart. But on a serious note, did you see her?”

“No.” I replied abruptly and He resumed his game.

“Alright. I have been looking for her for a while now.”

“Well that’s your P. I can’t be looking for her for you. I’m not the one in love with her.”

“Why the beef though?” Josh said still engrossed in his game. “Its not like I can control my…Goal!… Sorry, its not as if I can control my feelings for her. She is just amazing.”

I know right. “Yea right.” I muttered under my breath.

I changed into a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and collapse on my bed. It is 7:30pm. Not too late. Tomorrow was Sunday anyway. Josh would want to go to church. The idiot better not wake me up. The services I’ve been going to for the past two years should be able to last me till I die.



“Don’t tell me you’re sleeping. Its barely eight.”

“I know. I’m just tired from today’s work.” Work? Seriously? I really need to improve on my lying skills. This boy might start to read in between the lines soon. Thankfully, he bought it.

“Na you know o!” His voice sounded funny. “I wonder what kind of work you do on saturday. Its not like you have a babe you’re chyking.”

I managed a smile and turned over to face the wall. “You would soon know”. I muttered and tried to doze off. Its all quiet for a while until Josh broke the silence.

“You know you forgot your phone right?”

“Yes I know.” I emphasized the anger in my voice and hoped he got it. “Josh, please let me sleep. I’m tired.”

He did. I sensed he wanted to say something and even though I hoped he would say what was on his mind, I wasn’t ready when he did.

“Abigail called.”

Abi… What? Oh Shit!

To be continued


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