Political Alleluia Boys by @dolpsowo

Nigerian Flag_Sourced from Google

Nigerian Flag_Sourced from Google

It seemed to be some sort of joke when some years back, Hon Obahiagbon called some legislators ‘political alleluia boys‘. After few years, I have come to realise and understand the importance of his claim. The indifference of our politicians might not be what he meant but I want to believe that the political auditorium of Nigeria is filled with political alleluia boys, save some who are prayer warriors and ushers.

Without disrespect to any of the ‘public servants’ or whatever they claim to be, it is high time we challenged these people we trusted our votes with. Some of us might still hold the opinion that the current crop of rulers stole our votes. If that be the case, then the saying that ‘a group of people will get the type of leader they deserve‘ will not be apt in our own case but can we totally distance ourselves from it? No we can not.

Fresh in our memories is the action of ‘stake holders’ in the central senatorial district of Ondo State when they visited the senator representing them to ask him in whose interest he voted for the retention of section 29B of the 1999 constitution. This was heralded by
the call of some determined set of Nigerians to stand against Child Bride. Senator Ayo Akinyelure, in some media reports said he was not aware of the linkage between the debated law and child bride. Who then
says that he is not an alleluia boy? Did he steal the votes that gave him the office? Whether yes or no, it will be a topic for another day.

In faraway Rivers State, the Executive governor of the state is battling forces unknown. These forces have diverted the attention of the governor from governance to other frivolities that will do the state and her people no good. This in turn has affected other states, notably 5 northern states where the governors decided to pause their primary assignments and wear the toga of peacemakers. Then again, I ask, are they not political alleluia boys?

At a time when university students like the writer are at home due to the industrial action of the Academic Staff Union of their various schools, the minister (state) of Education is globetrotting to pay a fellow alleluia boy a courtesy visit using tax payers money. These set of rulers do not care what becomes of the citizens as long as their daily bread is oven fresh. It will interest you to know that the grumbles of the common man makes no sense to them, it is as good as the tune of MTN ringback sound (caller’s tune) because it has been the same since the military era. These people do not feel like they owe us anything and we all act as same. In a nation where there was a jail break and nothing happened afterwards. It goes without saying that the alleluia boys of our politics are growing in numbers.

The nation’s bi camera legislative arm has 469 members and half of its members have not contributed meaningfully to the debates on the floor of the houses. This alone has rubbed the citizenry of a people oriented policy, if they have made any. Notwithstanding their dysfunctional state, they continue to appropriate larger chunk of the nation’s wealth to themselves and go about telling us the nation is broke. It saddens to hear the Minister of Finance tell us that the Nation does not have the resources to meet ASUU’s demand stating that there will be no fund to finance provision of infrastructures on our campuses. Then we ask, have they provided any in recent times?

Over the last few months, Nigeria has seen herself dragged on her knees because of one ill or the other. While other nations are debating how to move forward, Nigeria through her rulers is negotiating her way
into oblivion.

The alleluia boys will continue to thrive as long as we stay away from politics and direct involvement in governance. Some of our religious leaders keep telling us that politics is dirty, deadly and not for the faint- hearted. Are these enough reasons to leave the running of our state in the hands of political jejunes?
The tantrums thrown around in the past few days by a former minister of information shows that we have given too much room to these self-served rulers. They have no place in our midst.

If truly the essence of knowledge is action, then I ask, have we learnt anything from the history of this nation? Do we realise that our continous staying away will inflict more pain on us? It is our duty to flush out these political alleluia boys and get involved. All Nigerians must step out of their comfort zones and contribute their
quota to nation building. No doubt, all of us can not be political office holders but we must shun the politics of Naira and Kobo and move on to politics where ideologies will be the selling point of politicians.

Stop mourning the state of the nation, do whatever you think will bring the nation to her rightful place and in the end we will have political alleluia boys as spectators when the juggernauts that have the interest of the masses at heart take over the arena of leadership.

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