Memoirs of God

Memoirs of God

Memoirs of God

Hi everyone, it’s been quite a while and I am even too ashamed to apologize so I will just go straight to the post. I pray the Holy Spirit gives everyone reading this the revelation of this message. But sincerely, I really am sorry. I hope you find a place in your heart to forgive me. 🙂
Thanks! Now let’s get to business;


For a while now the Holy Spirit has been urging me to write this but then I kept procrastinating it. The subject I’m about to write about is a very touchy one and I do not apologise if some get offended by it.


This has been on my mind for a very long time. I have always felt like there was something wrong. Many people have missed it when it comes to this subject, me included. Children are being born into a revised notion of what the church is all about. I sat in a bus one day and thought to myself, what the church is really about.

I have been doing a study on the books of the bible written by Paul. He is one of my favourite bible characters though. The very first attitude of the church that jumped at me from his books is the attitude of togetherness. The church then was a place where you could run to, a place where you could find help. Paul always wrote letters to the church to find out about their wellbeing, admonish and encourage them. This gave me an understanding of what the church should be.

Often times people think the church is about the building or the facilities or the location. It is a known fact that many have read in the bible that the church is the body of Christ but very few understand what it really means. I would like to share my own revelation of what the church should be.

First I would say the church is people and their hearts which they have handed over to Christ. The church Christ envisioned is a group of people who know him (have an intimate friendly relationship with him) and who through their knowledge of him manifest who they are in him. I have seen so much hypocrisy in the church today, the church is hurting, Christ can’t recognise the people he died for.

When I think of the church I think of light; I see a people who cherish God and would do anything for him. I don’t see a group of people coming to listen to the preacher hoping he preaches the word to matches their situation. I don’t see a group of people who lift up their hands and open their mouths in worship but go back into the world like normal people. And that’s the issue.; many think we are normal but we are not, we are spirit beings so we can’t be normal, we are supernatural beings!

After reading the sixth (6th) chapter of John, I realised the true essence of Christianity is not in doing good or going to a place called church but its true essence is our belief in the son Jesus. I know someone might say but I know that but I dare say to you that you don’t. Many don’t even know what belief is. My revelation of belief is this; Jesus is all I need to live. He is my very life and existence. I can’t do anything without him. I am entirely useless without him.

The church needs this understanding that Jesus is the center of it all. People are being choked up by activities; being a chorister, an usher, a tech personnel, giving to people, going for meetings. No one has stopped to think; is this really it? Many want to work for God but find it hard to walk with him. I dare say to you today that once you can walk with God automatically you begin to work for him. Your doing good doesn’t qualify you because grace through the death of Jesus has done that.

As simple as Christianity is, people still miss it (me inclusive). People don’t miss it because it’s difficult but because people have come up with their notion of what God requires of them. I dare say to you that all God requires from you is your heart. Once he has your heart then your well on your way to living the life he called you to.

This is a wakeup call for the church. God told me and a lot of other people that he is raising an end time army. One in which the world would recognize as God’s own people. The intention of God is for the church to be the help the world needs.

I would like for everyone to go back and meditate on Matt 6:33. After light came to me through this scripture it changed my whole perspective. Christ said many are seeking the gifts forgetting that once they have the giver they have it all (paraphrasing it though)

Over the next few weeks, I would be sharing some of the things the Holy Spirit has revealed to me in my walk with him. I charge you today to go back to the basics; know for yourself what Christ requires and begin to drive that. Share with someone the love of Christ. That’s what we are about, we are a new generation. One called by God to restore old cities and build up waste places.

Remain blessed……xx



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5 thoughts on “Memoirs of God

  1. Hmmm @ end-time army… I know it is cool to talk about the army of Ezekiel 37 but [i am not contradicting you] I think it is better and more accurate to talk about the family God is raising. I think and believe that GOD wants us to love HIm and enjoy His love more than He wants us to be soldiers who just obey orders.

    a Family first then an army (^_^)

    that said…

    I enjoyed this post. Very revealing! the true nature of the church is a light, a candle set on a hill which CANNOT be HIDDEN.


  2. hmmn…many want to work for God but not many want to walk with Him. Hypocrisy is eating deep into the Church of Christ. Lord have mercy on your Church.
    Good work Mae.


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