Le Incredibles

Note: This article is a multi-article (if there’s anything like that)… it contains a rant, a… bla bla bla (Who has seen Hotel Transylvania?)

Good, I’ll start with a popular line from Spiderman;

    “With great power comes great responsibility”

By virtue, I’ve been bestowed with great power. The power of putting up imaginations and illusions in people’s heads like jean Grey and the power to make you cry or laugh like Madea… all na wash sha… I just have the power to write. One thing I wasn’t expecting though was the responsibility until it hit me head on (My uncle did not die by the way, I’m Mike Dammy not Peter Parker), stay with me *in Fake president in GI Joe’s voice*… if you haven’t seen the movie, you’ve dulled yourself.

keep calm... stay with me

keep calm… stay with me

So, I’ve been privileged to be a mentor to some of the finest writers I’ve ever seen. I won’t mention their names though but this folks have given me the privilege of watching them grow and have also helped me grow. So when Bimbo came to me two days ago asking for tips on writing, I decided to raise the “strictness” bar a little bit higher.

I told her to write 3 articles in 11hrs, 30mins and trust me; Margaret Thatcher’s blood runs in my veins so it wasn’t 11hrs during the day, it was overnight.

Dammy is my late uncle's first wife's daughter's twin brother.

Dammy is my late uncle’s first wife’s daughter’s twin brother.

Truthfully, I didn’t mean to be mean, I only wanted her to see first-hand how far diligence and determination could get anybody and it did for her. She delivered the articles to me by day break. (She was 3mins late though -_-)
So I picked the one she addressed to me and pasted it below.

Bimbo, calm down, don’t have a heart attack. It’s just a letter, so stay with me


Dear dammy

I won’t greet you…..
Who do you think you are? Asking me to write; commanding me ?
Because it flows for you like that doesn’t mean it will for me….. I’m nt like you
And I can’t be…
Ok errrrm. …..
Thank you for trying to help but me…. I can’t write. Kill me!
But I tried o…. I was up all night….. Ok that wasn’t enough.
I’m too shallow for all this deep things, its not my style.
I like shopping ……… That’s easy and fun ….and I love basketball too 😀

Unlike you, you better keep writing…. Please do.
To some people you are all the inspiration they need.
Like me, I wait in line to read what ever you post on that blog of yours.
I might not leave comments “don’t mind me, I like to be invisible like that”
And I’m sure there are many others like me; “the invisibles”
Please don’t stop …..we are somewhere in the crowd ….
Waiting for that paragraph or word that will make us grab a pen and write history….

Till then ….. Keep writing……..



So that’s what Madame Bimbo wrote. It brought a smile to my face right before I almost got shot yesterday (those that stay in Ikorodu would understand this).

Would have been a good way to go but I told that gunman; “Hell No! You aint killing me! I still have Mae to marry, I owe Mama Dammy a house and a car, and for God’s sake, I’ve not finished Joshua Fela. Do you want @orifunke and @shebamuna to die of suspense?! Are you that heartless?” So he freed me… yes, just like that 😀

(Removes ranting jacket)
Now let’s get serious.

Something caught my eyes in Bimbo’s letter;
“The folks waiting for that paragraph, or word that would make them write history” and it dawned on me; I’ve written a letter to my mum, my girlfriend, my unborn child sef but I’ve not written to my y’all, the readers.
Idobale mo wa… E ma binu.

So this is my letter to all the people that read, have read, are reading, will read and can’t read but listen to my stories being told orally.


My People,
It’s a privilege to be your writer. A privilege to put smiles on your faces, make you feel pain or cry and even put suspense in your hearts. I was never a confident person but you guys have made me the bravest man alive.

When I write and i see the stats rise, it makes me smile and want to do more. I never knew how much you guys meant until I posted an article and got just one comment.

It was like Rapture!

I waited for hours on end hoping my WordPress app had malfunctioned and that all the comments were nestled somewhere waiting for me to come rescue them but alas, there was nothing.

Your comments have kept me coming/going. From the ones on the blog, to twitter, BBM, Facebook, Whatsapp and the guys that do so orally, I just want to say a very big THANK YOU. I’ve commented on other sites and blogs and I know how easy it is to just read and close the page, I also know it might be tiring to drop a comment buy you do so anyway. Ese gaan (Thank You).

To Bimbo that made me see this light (I’m still not using your pic as my dp), happy Birthday dear. You’ve made my good friend one of the happiest guys alive and even if he hasn’t said it, I’m saying it on his behalf. You’re not part of the family though, get me an IPhone and I’ll register you. 😀

Concerning the writing ish, I know I sounded mean and harsh, but it was for your own good. I bet you never knew you would be able to write 3 letters before day break. It just takes diligence, discipline and a good mentor to whoop you regularly to get you going.

However, come out of the crowd and comment once in a while. The invisibles is a cool group name but the incredibles sounds way better! Same goes to all of you that come and go without saying anything. Even if it’s a smiley, one word, an insult, a compliment or even a dot! Always drop something.

Special thanks to my mum. Wonderful woman I tell you. Always thought I was bluffing when I told her I write but she read my articles once and got me an interview with a newspaper company. I love you ma!

To the love of my life; Mae. That phrase you always say; “Keep writing; it makes me love you more.” That babe is my kryptonite, but funny enough, it makes me stronger. It keeps me from dropping my pen and I never want to drop my pen if you’ll never stop loving me.

To my bro; Tomi, my Nigga! Even if we don’t get along on almost every issue, we still bros and we’ll make mummy proud.

To the two ladies; fellow writers, I won’t mention their names though) that read my articles and sat me down on twitter to criticise and give me tips for getting better, thanks a lot. You probably would never know how much your advice helped.

To @Orifunke, @shebamuna and every other person that gets elated when my post updates appear, thanks a lot.

To the folks that I’ve (and still) disvirgined their TLs and BBM with “Pls Read and RT”, thanks for not deleting or blocking me.

To AyoB also, thanks for being a mentor. That day you told me to stop writing; that gave me the ginger to surge on. I probably would have stopped if you didn’t tell me to.

To my avid followers and readers, God bless you.

And finally to Bimbo; thanks for the letter.
Happy Birthday and I pray you get all you wished for. I’ll send you the link to this post first so you’ll get a head start before anybody. God bless you dear.

To everyone reading this now, God bless you.
Leave the camp of the Invisibles and join the realm of “Le Incredibles”. Drop a comment today. Cheers!


Thanks for reading.
Do drop a comment or your views below, it will be really appreciated.

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Mike Dammy
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43 thoughts on “Le Incredibles

  1. Eeeeerrrrrrrmmmmmmmmmm……….I’m. Blank again ……buh from my heart thank you…… Dat said…. Ya just mean…… 🙂


  2. I know what it means to write and not get a feed back! I’ve been there before. Feed backs both positive and negative spur one on to improve. You are on the path to … (Fill in the gap for what ytou want)



  3. LMAOOOOOO! LOOOOOL! Thanks to the gunman that spared you o! If not eh. . .don’t lehme talk! What can I say? You’re highly welcome! Thanks for writing!

    To Bimbo, Happy Birthday! Your letter was funny. Well, stop thinking you can’t write. The only limiting factor to what you can do is you. Not everyone who’s a writer today was born with the talent of writing. TAKE THAT PEN AND WRITE!

    DAMI, shey u wee nuh comman mentor me too bayi? 😦 😦 hehehehe. Thanks a whole lot for this! Bless!


  4. Wow. I think this is another tunde leye. I’m reading your post for the first time but I won’t stop coming for more. I used to be invisible when I read peoples blog but now I’m part of the le incredibles. All tanks to u nd pls keep on the good work. Keep writing and keep the ball rolling.


  5. Most of u probably don’t know me, I’m d birthday girl’s sister. Cooler, youngest, finest name it.
    To the writer, though I don’t know your name but its nice to find someone else like me.

    Keep on writing though.


  6. I personally like and appreciate dis post……God bless u 4 remembering to write to ur readers…….dis just shows d mind of a great writer……one who cares abt his readers……..more grace


  7. I luv d story,nd ur a good writer,am not saying there’s any better… But d stories r really touchin ,u’v made a mark of laughter, an exclamation of suspense, a question mark of i dare any one 2 challenge me! Ur gud @ dis,stick 2 it,


  8. got d link of dis blog on twitter via @toyinfab&i just read thru josh fela series 4rm episode 1-5&i must admit dat am thrilled with what i red,so dat’s why am leaving team #invisible to team #increadible….you’re doing a great job boss


  9. Hmmm! Dis is d first time I wld be reading dis blog and I myt be kinda hooked to it…hv always been a member of #team_Invincibe bt u hv made leaving a comment worth it…am in tune with d part relating to u&ur bro cos it speaks to me and I LOVE UR OPENING, #team _peter_perfect *coversface*…. I don’t think u were mean wrt wat u did to bimbo cos I believe we all need some1 to push us to d limit…
    Bimbo, I think u wld be a great writer. Even though u feel/felt u cldnt write, u were able to coordinate ur thoughts into something meaningful and fun to read…d latter part of ur letter was, permit me to use d word, “Rhema” (I hope I got d spelling ryt)…keep it up and d sky wld be your limit….
    I guess its time to go back to being #team_invincible…. so BYE


  10. Okay so I was okay with my bbm-ing and tweet-ing comments until you successfully “cajoled” me, I mean who doesn’t want to be called incredible? Weldone bro!


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