Memoirs of God with Mae #1

Memoirs of God with Mae

Memoirs of God with Mae

Hello everyone, I am excited today because I have been able to meet up with dami’s deadline (really thought I wouldn’t make it). That said let’s move on to the business of today.


Just recently I stumbled on a book by Kenneth. E. Hagin titled ‘How you can be led by the Spirit of God – Legacy edition’. I decided to read some of the pages of the book and I would like to share with everyone what I found.

Everyone knows this saying, ‘man is a spirit, he has a soul and he lives in a body’ but very few understand it’s true meaning. A friend once told me this, she said when a girl is raped, the reason she can get out of the trauma is because it is only her physical body that was touched or damaged not her spirit and her spirit is who she really is and not her body. So therefore once her mind has that understanding and she accepts that who she is has not been tampered with she does not carry the burden of the rape around, she let’s go off it. I know this might seem difficult to comprehend but I pray God gives you light that you may understand.

Kenneth. E. Hagin mentioned something very particular I would like to share. He referred to Pro20:27 which says, ‘the spirit of man is the candle of the Lord, searching all the inward parts of the belly’. He explained that many times people think God is leading them through their physical senses or through their minds but because the bible doesn’t say the body of man is the candle neither does it say the mind of man is the candle, they end up getting into trouble. God can only lead you through your spirit and this is because it is the real you.

The bible in Rom8:10 says if Christ lives in you then although your natural body is dead by reason of sin and guilt, the spirit is alive because of the righteousness that he imputes in you. Have you ever wondered why the bible always refers to our spirit? It is because it’s our means of connection to the heavenlies. God communicates with us through our spirits. That is why the bible clearly says that our spirits should be in charge i.e. Our flesh should always submit to our spirit.

I would like to say to all those who think they are so messed up that they can’t walk with God that it’s only a lie the devil wants them to believe (well that’s his job but I won’t let him succeed at it). Once you give your life to Christ, He begins to work on you. He renews your mind through the Holy Spirit so that the real you which is your spirit comes alive in your body. Never think you are too filthy for God. Come to him in your filth and He will make you clean and bring out the real you and He will take you through life.

There is something the Holy Spirit always told me when I messed up or disobeyed, after I apologise to him, He would say to me that he understands and I am work in progress. This gives me peace but it also makes me understand that it is no room for me to keep messing up but instead it is an avenue for me to learn, grow and keep progressing.

I pray that God through the Holy Ghost would open us up to the truths of who we really are. I would also like to recommend the book by Kenneth. E. Hagin, ‘How you can be led by the spirit of God – Legacy edition’.

Remain blessed…………xx
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7 thoughts on “Memoirs of God with Mae #1

  1. Nice 1 mae, i luvv d story nd d summary of Hagin’s buk, about d abrtion part-( i kno its hard buh i suggest yu include examples r testimonies) people can’t be motivated n d inside,except they kno yu hv been there,hav seen nd understand their plight…..then they’ll give d spirit a chance,keep it up


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