Up Nepa! by @Enigmatic_nez

Technically they are now known as PHCN (Power Holding company Of Nigeria) but what does that matter?..Washing the exterior of a pot whilst leaving the interior filthy!   
Electricity is the crux of the Country’s Economic problems and you would THINK that our government would know that. We have been fed with half-baked excuses as to why constant electricity is a gradual climax to reach and how there is a vision 2050 where Nigeria will be an utopian city. *yawns   

From Intelligent propositions like the varying numbers of mega-watts that will be gradually increased over a 5-year interval to the most Ludicrous; Witches sitting on the Electricity poles or having their nightly rituals inside the Kainji dam.(And you wonder why we are still a 3rd world country. Oh, my bad; developing country)

Did you know that we supply Ghana electricity and they have constant power now? Of course you did. And pigs might have to sprout up wings and fly into the treetops before we experience that kind of bliss this part of the world.   

This is not a piece to appeal to the royal conscience of the authorities because that in itself has been over flogged. This is just good ol’ whining about the decay in our motherland. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in Nigeria and that the future(whenever that is) is bright with constant orange-yellow hues in our light bulbs, but in the meantime we become our own ‘Government’ and power our lives and communities, sad as that may sound!   

Least I be known as a pessimist, I want to take this time out to count my blessings, for the few and far between times that I have screamed UP NEPA!
Cheers to that!

Agnes Isoje
Ff @Enigmatic_nez on Twitter


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