A Criminal’s Statement by @PsychicOluBukki

A Criminal's statement | Sourced from Google

A Criminal’s statement | Sourced from Google

    The man is my husband
    Well supposed a husband
    His life is a short story
    I threw him out the storey

    You may chain me down
    but If He is raised by Jesus
    I will put him back down
    by the name of Jesus.

    He wooed, he promised
    We vowed, we married
    All over there’s boxers league
    but I became his audition.

    The union’s offspring are spectators
    He’s a beautiful liquid downer
    He mouthwashes with dried leaves in paper
    come evening his dragging feet announces.

    These were not his ways
    Battery medal was not a honour
    Arose shameful sensual torture
    The little ones would sob
    but sure not to cry.

    Money was not a compliment.
    This man became useless
    Perhaps not to the authority
    To me, the union and the children
    He deserves death.

    I hope the survivors know peace
    after my capital punishment.

Julian Ogunleye
Ff @PsychicOluBukki on Twitter


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