Joshua Fela – Episode 8

Joshua Fela | Damstylee_Original picture sourced from Google

Joshua Fela | Damstylee_Original picture sourced from Google

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The door opened and a man in his late forties stepped into the room. He spotted a short goatee and adjusted his glasses every now and then to reassure himself of his countenance and youth. The glasses had no recommended lens on them but only he knew that. He had told the doctor it was meant to help him remain young and vibrant in the eyes of the world.

The interrogator seated at the table immediately got to his feet and saluted the DPO of the current branch.

“Morning Sir.” He said after the physical salutation.

“Morning Bayo; is this the girl?” He asked concerning the girl seated at the other end of the desk. Her face was clasped in her palms and her hair was in a mess.

“Yes sir.” Bayo replied.

“Okay, what’s the situation?”

“She has refused to own up sir; still insists she had nothing to do with the murder.”

“She better do or we would have to answer to the senator. No…” he added after thinking. “I would have to answer to the senator.”

He smiled faintly and collected the file of the murder case from the outstretched hand of the interrogator. After rummaging through the documents, he snapped shut the file and looked at the terrified girl.

“Miss Ronke.” He said.

She looked up at this instance and squinted to see the face of her caller through her tear laden eyes.


“Ronke Gbadamosi right?”

“Yes sir.”

“Good, I’m Mike Ogu; the divisional police office of this branch.” He dragged the chair the interrogator stood from to himself creating a screeching sound in the process that made the interrogator flinch. He took off his glasses and put on a reassuring look. He noticed it calmed her down and managed a faint smile.

“So, tell me what happened.”

“Where do I start?” Ronke asked.

“From the beginning.” Mike replied.

Ronke took a deep breath and cleared her throat.
“It all started on Friday. I was gisting with my friends in my room.”

“Which friends?” Mike interjected.

“Nike, Shade and Chloe.” She said. “Chloe is my roommate…” she later added when she saw the look on Mike’s face.

“And these girls can vouch you were with them at this point in time?”

“Yes sir.”

“Carry on.”

She went on to describe her ordeal with Tope; how he called her and asked her to dinner. How the entire female dormitory went wild when the well-dressed driver arrived in the Aston Martin to pick her. How they spent money that rounded up to 56,000 naira during the course of the evening, how Tope asked her up to the suite he had booked and how she had refused.
Mike who had been quiet throughout her account stopped her at this point.

“You refused?”



“I didn’t want to follow him. I only followed him to have an experience of dining and Sheraton and…” she paused and looked away from Mike’s focused gaze.

“And what?” Mike inquired.

“… And to waste his money.” She muttered under her voice but the others in the room heard it clearly. “Don’t get me wrong…” she quickly added. “Tope is a proud person. I only wanted to make him pay and teach him a lesson.”

“Don’t you think killing him was too much of a lesson?” It was Bayo that spoke.

“I didn’t kill him.” She barked in his direction.

“Of course you didn’t. He died in the male hostel and unless you’re in Hollywood, you couldn’t have pulled that stunt. So, who did you employ to do the dirty job for you?”

“I didn’t kill him.” Ronke repeated.

“Then who did?” He banged the metal table in frustration and realised what he had done. His eyes met with that of the Mike who was looking up from his seated position and saw the disappointment in the eyes of his superior.

“I’m sorry sir.”

“You better be. Get out.”

Bayo reluctantly walked out of the room and Ronke heaved a sigh of relief when the door shut.

“Now, tell me what happened after that.” Mike said when the tension had dissipated.

She wiped her nose with the back of her hand and continued talking.

“After dinner, he paid the bill and I stood up to go. He then looked at me and asked me where I was going. I told him I thought we were supposed to head back to school because it was getting late and he laughed and told me we weren’t going back to school that night. When I asked him why, he said he had booked a room and that did I think he had brought me all the way to Sheraton to just have dinner. I got angry and started walking to the door and he dragged me back and threatened to wreck me and my family.”

She wiped a tear from her right eye but Mike stared on without any reaction. She searched his eyes for pity but found none, so she continued.

I tried to pull away and he called security and accused me of being a hooker. The security men threw me out and I found my way back to school.” She made an expression to show she had finished but Mike fixed his gaze on her.

“Did he have enemies?” He asked when he noticed she was getting uncomfortable with all the attention.

“Not that I know of.”

“Even in your class?”

She shook her head in response.
Mike leaned back in his seat and rubbed his sweaty hands against his trousers. His instincts told him she was innocent but the job required him to prove it.

“Do you have a boyfriend?”


“So apart from Tope, there is nobody wooing you?”

“Actually, there are a few but what does it matter?”

“It does matter because one of your numerous suitors could have killed Tope out of jealousy. So, is there any one among them that doesn’t like Tope?”

“Well, there’s Nath.”

“Who’s Nath?”

“Nathaniel Bassey; He was also in my class and he never for once liked Tope.”

“How do you know that?”

“It was obvious; they showed it every day, in class, church, anywhere they found themselves.”



Mike opened the file and scribbled something on an A4 paper.

“Any other thing you think I should know?” He waited for a response and when he didn’t get any, he looked up to see Ronke with her mouth aghast and her gaze fixed on the wall behind him.


“Nath was a cultist in his former school and he threatened me the day Tope died. Actually, the afternoon before he did.”

“Hmm…” was all Mike said. His face was buried in the paper her was jotting in.

“Is it possible Nath killed Tope?”

“Anything is possible dear; anybody can be a murderer; even you.” He put his pen back on the paper again to write and was halted by a knock on the door.

“Yes, come in.”

“DPO…” he heard Bayo say; “the senator is around.”

“Okay.” Mike replied calmly. “Tell him I would be with him soon.”

“In other words, he should keep me waiting.” Senator Dare said as he stepped into the room.

Mike turned back to see the youngest senator this country had ever had in his full regalia. His sky blue agbada screamed affluence and his charisma was one to be admired. A young lady Mike perceived to be his personal assistant stood behind him in a grey suit and two military officers stood behind her.

“I’m sorry sir.” Mike said and stood up in respect.

“Keep your apology to yourself. Has Bello called you?”

“Bello?” Mike asked bemused.

“Your boss.”

“Oh, Inspector Bello. Yes, he has sir.”

“Good. So who is she?” He pointed at Ronke.

“That’s Ronke Gbadamosi. She was brought in for questioning.”

“So, she killed my son?”

“No sir.” Mike answered. “She was only brought in for questioning.” Bayo cast a glance in his direction. How his boss had picked sides early on in the case surprised him.

“So, who did?” Dare asked.

“We don’t know yet sir.”

“What? Are you dumb? What do you mean by you’ve not found who killed my son?”

“I meant investigations are still on-going and no sir, I’m not dumb. You would like to mind your language around here Sir.”

The senator swivelled to face Mike.

“Are you talking to me?”

“I won’t have to if you had spoken well in the first place Sir.” Mike placed emphasis on the sir whenever he addressed arrogant people.

“What’s your name?”

“Mike Ogu Sir.”

“Mike, Mike… I like you Mike but you better watch your manners or I’ll have your ass on the street and I’ll make sure nobody employs you.”

Mike opened his mouth to reply but Bayo tugged at his shirt and he let it go.

“Good, now that we’ve reached an understanding, someone with a little bit of respect in here should brief me on what this investigation has uncovered.”

“Well… Mike started. I’ve interrogated her and we’ve come up with a new suspect.”

“Who?” Senator Dare asked.
A sergeant stepped into the already stuffed room, saluted his bosses and proceeded to speak.

“Sir, one Nathaniel Bassey is waiting for you in your office. He has asked to speak to you.”

“Nathaniel Bassey?” Mike asked.

“Yes sir. He said he has come to confess to one murder case or something.”

“Well, that’s wonderful.”

Senator dare looked on puzzled and Mike put him out of his misery.

“Nathaniel Bassey sir; is the suspect I was talking about.”


“Okay baby, talk to you tomorrow.”

“You too dear.” Jeff replied and cut the call. He flexed his arms and smiled to the ceiling. He really liked the girl after all.

“So, you still talk to that girl.”

Jeff sighed and turned to look at his father who was standing at the entrance of the door.

“I’ve told you I love her.”

“And I’ve told you love doesn’t exist.” He turned to leave the room.

“Yea right.” Jeff muttered under his breath.

“I heard you.” He heard his father’s voice echo in the lobby.

“I know.”

Jeff stood up and put on a pair of jeans. He took another long look at his girlfriend’s picture on the homepage of his phone and smiled.

“Dad.” He said when he got to the living room where his father was already seated.


“You promised to tell me about the accident today.”

“What’s left to know?”

“Don’t pretend now.” Jeff grumbled. “You never told me where I was going to before the accident or where I was even coming from.”

“Well, that’s because you never kept our deal.”

“Which is?” Jeff asked. He moved to the bar and poured himself a glass of wine.

“I thought I told you not to drink.” His father said without looking up from the newspaper he was reading.

“You’re deviating dad.”

“Oh, you mean the deal?”


“We agreed you would never step foot in that school again.”

“I thought we talked about that dad. For some reason, I’m drawn to that Ronke girl.”

“But you’re going out with her friend; you must be really drawn to her.” The father said albeit sarcastically.

“Well, I fell in love with Nike and I don’t regret it.”

“Break up with her, stick to our deal and I promise to tell you.”

“I can’t.”

“Then I’m not telling you.” The father slouched in the settee and shielded his face with the newspaper.

“I didn’t say I won’t. I said I can’t.”


“Meaning she’s pregnant.”

“She’s what?”

To be continued next week Tuesday.


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19 thoughts on “Joshua Fela – Episode 8

  1. Dtz crazy!! Nd killin…..shez pregnant OMG!!….damie not fair…u ddnt end it well naw want more pls…can’t wait again guess I wuld ve to sneak into ur brain soon….all d same its was AWESOME…we need d movie soon made in NIGERIAN…looool!!. Dot mnd me tho, I pray dt d gud Lord bleses nd kipz u for more of dis…God bless u


  2. Oh My. . . Just let me cry! Let me cryyy! You were off for two weeks, TWO GOOD WEEKS, Dami! And instead of you giving us like two episodes today, you have placed us on the line of suspense you left us three weeks ago! You’re just so lucky I do not know where you stay! ¤mutters to self¤ Not like I could have done anything anyway. Buh Dami, this is NOT fair! I demand a GOOD reason for why you’ve been off for two weeks. I’d break your head if it’s not good enough, I wouldn’t kill you ’cause of Mae.

    I’m thinking, this has to be the best episode of JF I’ve read so far. Maybe i’ve read a better one in the past, can’t remember. Buh this is the best I can remember reading so far. Kudos! Buh the way you just cut us gbam and told us ”to be continued” isn’t good o. Sincerely, this is a good one. Expecting better ones than this next.

    *adjusts shotgun* Just don’t try anything funny again. If you do. . . !


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