A Month of Celebrations

You know, I can’t remember when last I wrote a post like this.

Early morning… Still on my bed… Not met my darling tooth brush for our daily routine yet and definitely not writing with an aim to proof read or pour out something awesome… Yes, it feels just right.

I said I’m not trying to write something awesome; truthfully, who doesn’t do anything in the hope that its awesome? I doubt if there’s anybody like that but yet not everybody gets the right output. Some folks get sacked, some queried, a few lose their spouses and many cry in anguish… All cos of one decision they hoped would have brought back consequences that favored them… Feel free to call Life a “bit*h” or whatever you deem fit now.

Moving on… So my aim right here is to write something that doesn’t touch the hearts of Nigerians but I’m sincerely hoping it does. Or how else do I expect I’ll play my role in nation rebranding?

Aha! You’re bored already… Because I mentioned “Nation Re-branding”… Some of you probably said; here comes one of those pitiable “Martin Luther Junior” kinda speech but a poorer, less authoritative like we’re used to seeing. Well, this is not one of those. Instead I’m just here to look at my country and pick out what has been good… What’s been awesome or wonderful in our short existence…

I hear someone say this is gonna be a short post then.


You feel we don’t have as much things to thank God for in our short but impact filled 53 years on Earth.

I once heard a man tell my mum once; if we could see what God does for us every second, we won’t be going to work. We won’t even be eating. All we’ll be doing is praise him and sing thanks to him all day.

So I’m here this morning to count my blessings and name as much as I can “one by one”. Feel free to join me when I’m done.

1. I’m grateful for Flora Shaw Lugard. Without her, we’ll probably not have the cool name we have now; Nigeria.

2. I’m grateful I get to boast of the fact that I live in a country with the coolest tribes.

3. I’m grateful the civil war couldn’t break us.

4. I’m grateful Abacha couldn’t break us.

5. I’m grateful for Awolowo, Azikiwe, Tafawa Balewa and every other person that put his or her life on the line so I’ll be proud to live with the people I call my fellow country men…. And women.

6. I’m grateful for Ken Saro Wiwa.

7. I’m grateful for Wole Soyinka, Chimamanda and every other person that has brought prestige to our great name.

8. I’m grateful for my state.

9. I’m grateful for your state.

10. I’m grateful for Obasanjo… And the inspiration he brought to convicted and ex-cons…

11. I’m grateful for Unilag, Futa, Covenant University and every single university and polytechnic in our borders.

12. I’m grateful for NTA, AIT, Silverbird and the rest.

13. I’m grateful for our Police.

14. I’m grateful for our comedians.

15. I’m grateful for our democratic leaders.

16. I’m grateful for my family.

17. I’m grateful for our families.

18. I’m grateful for this is Miss ToyinFab’s month… And I’m grateful she grateful for that.

19. I’m grateful for my friends.

20. I’m grateful for our currency.

21. I’m grateful for the youths and our ever bobbling enthusiasm.

22. I’m grateful for our parents and their love and care.

23. I’m grateful for our ancestors and their proverbs and wise words that still guide us till this day.

24. I’m grateful for Oduduwa and Obatala.

25. I’m grateful cos the Dan tribe from Israel chose my country to reside in.

26. I’m grateful for the Niger Delta.

27. I’m grateful for our cocoa, oil, ground nuts and natural resources.

28. I’m grateful all we know about natural disasters are still what we see on TV.

29. I’m grateful for Mouka foam. :)… I’m lying on one right now and it feels awesome.

30. I’m grateful for our love.

31. I’m grateful for Aba boys.

32. I’m grateful for our soon better roads and bridges.

33. I’m grateful for every senator, minister and worker.

34. I’m grateful for WAZOBIA.

35. I’m grateful for our food.

36. I’m grateful for our food. Oops!

37. I’m grateful for our names.

38. I’m grateful your name is not sand or bush or some kind of toothpaste.

39. I’m grateful for Vision 2030.

40. I’m grateful for our Churches.

41. I’m grateful God blessed us with not one, not two but thousands of blessed, anointed men of God.

42. I’m grateful I’m black, handsome and I have the fifth most desirable accent in a world that has almost 200 countries… Or maybe more than sef.

43. I’m grateful for our national team and their recent triumph in AFCON.

44. I’m grateful for Agbani Darego.

45. I’m grateful for Omojuwa, Linda Ikeji, Tunde Leye and others.

46. I’m grateful for the different and versatile hair styles of our women.

47. I’m grateful for Dodo, Efo riro, Ikokore, Banga soup, Pounded yam and every other delicacy we enjoy as a people.

48. I’m grateful for anybody and everybody that is pondering right now how he can better the country.

49. I’m grateful I have friends that speak different languages and they are not from different countries.

50. Did I mention I might fall in love with the Jukun tribe from Taraba if only Wikipedia could tell me something about them. Still, I’m grateful they’re here.

51. I’m grateful for Jos and the uniqueness it brings to our weather.

52. I’m grateful my name is Awonowo Michael Damilola and my parents are proud Nigerians.

53. I’m grateful I’m Nigerian.

That’s just 53 and I can go on and on but I have to stop now.

Now, young lady or man, What are you grateful for?

Do share πŸ™‚ …
Happy independence again…

But I beg you, beneath all the eating and partying, keep it in mind that the Nation is in a re-branding state. Make sure you play your part and emerge a warrior and legend in our Nation’s rich history.

Bless you

Mike Dammy.


11 thoughts on “A Month of Celebrations

  1. Lool…I’m grateful for the captivating Joshua Fela episodes so far(which you have refused to finish and end our misery ( Λ˜ΜΆΜ€ ̯˘̢́)). I’m grateful for twitter. I’m grateful for internet in nigeria. I’m grateful for the availability of smartphones in nigeria. I’m grateful for the full battery on my phone even though there’s no light at the moment. And finally,I’m grateful to the ability to comment and also grateful for the ability to be grateful (β€’Λ†βŒ£Λ†β€’)


  2. I’m grateful for Nigeria! Even with all d wahala nd katakata………Naija still rocks! At least,it rocks more than Liberia.lol
    I’m grateful for our military. I’m grateful for the beaches. I’m grateful for agege bread and blue band. I’m reallyyyy grateful for GSM!!!
    Above all, I’m grateful for our democracy…….I can freely say ‘GEJ is mad’, just because I can πŸ˜€


    • Yea… Even if you’ve lost something, thank God you havent lost all.. no offence aimed at Liberia though..

      As for the freedom to speak ish… I would watch what i say though… it’s personal πŸ˜€


  3. I am grateful for the Nigerian Police Force.

    I am grateful for Nigerian Music.

    I am grateful for my curly beards…

    Okay. I am just being sarcastic. In all sincerity, I am grateful that in spite of all, one can still rise up to occupy enviable strongholds in whatever niche one does aspire to.

    That is what I am grateful about.

    And oh yeah, Dammy, I’m grateful to Mouka foam, only a little more Vita πŸ˜€


  4. Gratitude is good. I’m grateful for everything….what I am and what I’ll be. Thank God for Nigeria and may God bless this nation.


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