I’m Sorry | I’m back?

Hey there… *dodges stone*


. Here goes nothing.

Its been a while I’ve written anything and like I noticed yesterday , unlike maby writers that suffer the dreaded “writer’s block”, I faced a writer’s wall and no, that was not meant to be funny.

So, amidst school work, life and its travails, extra curricular activities and sleep, I found little or no time to engage in my favourite past time. Unfortunately, it coincided with the period I was running the series “Joshua Fela” and I bet it hurts you more than it hurts me that I couldn’t continue.

For weeks, I fought with the ‘spirit of not  completing stuff’ and this is not the first time its happening. Remember the series “Seven”, my JAMB exam and a host of other important  activities I left undone. To myself and anybody that got affected by my shortcomings, I’m deeply sorry.

This is not an effort to try and make excuses… No, far from it. I’m just here to say I’m sorry. No more running, no more hiding, you’re free to kill me or mete out any punishment you deem fit.

Still, I’m still grateful I have you guys… I really am.

* * *

By the way… I stumbled on Instagram a while back and as much as I told myself that I was in it for the fun, it was a very big lie. Like most people, I was in for the “likes”. I mean, who doesn’t like being admired or loved?
So it was a lil bit sad when I post a picture and then see a total of likes after 1 month… 9!!!…. Damn, that’s sad. Anyhow Sha, my handle is “damstylee”… Just saying. -_-

Well, that’s that.
Would I say I’m back? Errr… I don’t know… But let’s see how things turn out in the following days.

Mike Dammy


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