It has always been there.
From the beginning through the middle ages to what seems like the end.
Man has always had the zest; the desire to be greater than what he is.
The zeal to make an impact.
The hope that he would one day rule his world. And he would fight for it. Down to his last breath. We never want to lay down and die forgotten; No. We want to dominate and triumph. But then, that’s what was imputed in our DNA. We are but kings and queens in our respective fields. Or at least, we should be.

I live everyday in awe at the failures of life. I also admire the successes, don’t get me wrong. Its the failures that however fascinate me.

How is it possible to be wired to do something and then do exactly the opposite?

How is it possible for a dog to meow when barking is it’s creator’s manner of distinguishing it?

Why do we have the low class, middle class and high class hierarchy when we were all created in one God’s image? One image, not multiple images. One.

These are questions I ask myself everyday. Every time I see beggars and hawkers chase after exquisite cars with their owners in defiant illusion that they exist. Every time I see a famished youth tread in the dust after failing the oral interview for the job in that company he so craves.

All I have are questions and more questions and I’m left to wonder if I’m gonna get an answer to any of them.

If indeed we are wired to dominate and excel, why do some ‘the majority’ fall by the wayside and very few make it to Canaan?

Are we cursed?

Are we tampered with?

Do we live false destines or are we missing a detail so tiny it crumbles the entire dominoes of life?

All these questions I can’t provide answers to and I’m sure a lot of people can’t themselves but some can and I’m hoping you’re one of them.
So help me and help others.

Its a known saying that the poor get poorer and the rich get richer. I believe this pertains to the world of knowledge also.


Mike Dammy


11 thoughts on “Mysteries

  1. Here’s my take
    You gotta to know who you are#so that even when you are eating with pigs
    You can receive grace to stand up and go home
    You can receive grace to still press into what God has for you
    because even if the crown is invisible
    Your eyes of faith can still see it.



  2. Basically to be ‘somebody’ in this world, we need God. I think the tiny detail we are missing is that ‘the majority’ do not take time to find out the particular essence of their existence. even this requires GOD.


  3. I feel the people in that category that u are talking about, are people that iv still not found out their true purpose, and even if they have, they are not taking the ryt steps to achieving it, such pipz need to go back to their root and find d props, and create the right path.


  4. The only thing that matters in life is God,he demands that we love him and him alone,when you love God you will fear him when you fear him you are wise….when you go all out seeking for that kingdom(GOD) and his instructions(commandment) everything seems to fall in place gracefully without you even knowing… brother the mystery is in his word,seek his word and nourish them on to your soul


  5. You talk about ppl begging on d street, ppl hawking, ppl hawking on d street, ppl riding in exotic cars, etc. One thing I know is dat no finger is equal but they work together to create a firm grasp. What steps are we taking to create d firm grasp. How are we working together to create this firm grasp. Who will reduce his riches to reduce d poverty we see instead of getting richer. Who will empower these youths roaming abt with knowledge of d good of entrepreneurship. Who will b d inspiration for the next generation. Until we can step up into the scene nd cause a change, we would ave more ppl roaming the streets who have lost hope totally.


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