The Big Bang Theory

Hey fellas.

I figured I needed something to write and I duly ransacked my brain for some minutes. Considered politics *laughs… Relationships, sex, love but I figured all these were clichés. Any Tom, Shade and Harry could write about them anytime, any day.

Note; I wasn’t looking for a masterpiece write up… Far from it (I’m typing straight unto my keypads so you know that aint my goal) but rather, I was looking for a weak spot of mine, something outside the box. I know many wise men would tell you to find your comfort zone and stick to it. I kinda believe them but I also don’t. I mean; Aliko Dangote won’t be half as rich as what he is now if he stuck to whatever he started out with.

So I’m taking a leap into the unknown and its too late for you to stop me.*grins

Let’s talk about the Big bang theory.
If your mind went straight to the popular series, you’re good to go. No you aren’t, you should be more serious and in tune with what is going on around you.

So back to the BBT…
Just like you all know, the BBT is the scientific explanation to why the universe including you exists.
Correct me if I’m wrong, but it is said that a big bang occurred from ‘nowhere’ and the remains scattered around ‘space’ and then planets, stars, moons, trees and micro organisms started forming.

So this BBT brought about yourself and myself. That’s what they said, not me.
From my brief dive into its explanation, I understood that;
Micro organisms evolved into insects which evolved into dinosaurs who evolved into apes (monkeys that is) and these apes evolved to become humans. WOW!

With an explanation like this, I wonder why I even attempted biology and chemistry in high school. I mean; that nasty fungi or mold in your one week old EBA is your relative. Or the mosquito you hunt down every night is your distant cousin. Now this makes me wonder why my great mosquito grand daddy evolved and his brother didn’t. I mean mosquitoes came from somewhere right?

Why is it that we still have insects, monkeys and amoeba in our generation. Shouldn’t they have evolved or something? Why are they still there? Perhaps they were infected with some kind of terminal disease that prevented their growth. So its possible then; that our generations would evolve and become… say… Super heroes or transformers and some would remain humans. Okay, I have to add now, this is really hilarious.

So someone sat down one day, decided that he wasn’t going to believe God was real and all he could do to help buttress his beliefs was creating the BBT story.
Its hilarious and yet sad.

We meet atheists everyday. They are everywhere, in our classrooms, cafeterias, our workplaces, even in the common lifts. They breathe the same air God provides, walk and drive along the ground He created, eat his creations and still fail to see his existence. Its sad… Really sad.

I guess the only thing we can do for them is pray for them. You could also try to explain the loopholes in their beliefs to them if you’re an awesome speaker. On a serious note, I hope one day they believe.

But sincerely,
Is it logical (possible) to believe there is no God?

Thanks for reading. I hope I didn’t bore you. This genre is but a mystery to me anyway. Have a wonderful day and stay blessed.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance too. 🙂

Mike Dammy


13 thoughts on “The Big Bang Theory

  1. Ah.

    1. With all due respect, the Big Bang Theory makes more sense than the creation story. You obviously didn’t read up on it before writing this. I will consider everything you said about being relatives with mosquitoes and the reference to non-uniform evolution to be misinformed bants, because the Big Bang theory has deeper explanations than just a burst of energy and wham! Everything starts growing.

    2. It is actually a good idea for Christians to actually read literature and stop being so myopic. You’ll be surprised at what you would learn. The typical Christian believes his way is set in stone, and nothing else is relevant, and that’s why, when faced with a learned atheist, most Christians’ arguments go through cycles of incoherence, absurdity, fallacies and ultimately – raised voices and emotional outbursts.

    3. I do not believe in the Big Bang theory, by the way. I’m putting it out there right now. But it is not as feeble an idea as you just depicted it.

    4. Where the creation story has faith going strongly for it (and for people who cannot ‘exercise’ faith, the creation story is, pardon me, garbage), the Big Bang theory has empirical trails that scientists have been following doggedly. When an atheist scientist slams hard proof before you, it wouldn’t be fair on the Christian Faith to wave it aside and scoff “So mosquitoes are my cousins? Ha ha. Ha ha.” Again, Do not wave anything aside as not being needful.

    5. The attitude of calling atheists “hilarious”, and “sad”, that feeling of elitism is what makes it near-impossible to connect with an atheist and win him/her over to Christ. I urge Christians to try, for once, empathy. Have a real conversation, not an argument, with an atheist. Find common ground and build something from there. You’ll be surprised.

    I have said this in so many words so I am not in danger of being vague as to what I am trying to pass across.

    Glad to see you writing again, sir Dammy… 😀


    • errrrrm, Actually the Big Bang Theory and the Creation story in the first 2-3 chapters of the book of Genesis have a lot in common.
      (1) Both state that prior to the Creation or BBT, there was darkness, lack of Form and a Singular Point of Energy.
      (2) Both state that that energy exploded Outward. **Light is a by-product of explosions.

      (3) Then After Light, came aggregatioms of


    • Errrm, Actually The BBT and the creation story in the first 2 chapters of Genesis are uncanningly similar.
      (1) They both state that before the birth of the world was darkness and a SINGULAR POINT OF ENERGY
      (2) Both state that that energy created Light. *Light is a byproduct of chemical explosions which rlease energy
      (3) Both state that there was birth of stars before there was birth of planets. ‘Heaven before Earth’.
      (4) then came the seas. which the BBT and evolution theories state contained primitive single-celled microbes.
      which then to survive more evolved to more complex microbes and eventually photosynthetic plants till the most eveolved organisms which we have today.
      What is uncanny about the creation story is that: If you examine it in the Light of evolution, the order of created beings is remarkably accurate.

      *Bearing 3 things in Mind:
      (Moses wrote the book of Genesis based on a vision he. saw. His interpretation was subjective to how much knowledge he had.
      (2) Thousands of Ages are like a day in God’s sight. *Explains the 7-day conundrum if you let it.
      (3) Both do not explain What was’


      • (3) Both do not explain what was before the beginning since it is currently beyond comprehension. But as Christians, we take by Faith and accept it.

        Most Christians hesitate to believe in evolution because they think it denies the existence of an Intelligent Creator. That is untrue. Evolution is not pure chance and evolution is true and proven. The beauty of evolution is a final statement to those that believe that there really is a Beautiful mind whose hand can be seen in all this.
        I’m Christian, I believe the Word and I also believe the BBT or most of it anyways.


      • Quote: “Moses wrote the book of Genesis based on a vision he. saw. His interpretation was subjective to how much knowledge he had”

        In other words, as I said earlier, the Big Bang Theory (which is not subjective to anybody’s knowledge) makes more sense than the creation story.

        Glad we had this chat.


  2. @vunderkind, really informed comment. The big bang theory is actually more than just mosquitoes are our cousins that refused to change. The big bang theory is well proven and even replicable. And we actually need to know about these things if we are going to stand a chance in letting atheists believe the truth (yes the truth is subjective but I’m talking as a Christian)

    I’d like to add that the big bang theory has the universe as its starting point. It does not explain before the universe. This, apart from faith which is the belief in things not seen and which is what distinguishes christians from atheists, is why I’m still a Christian and i can’t believe the big bang.


  3. Well, i think one way we Christians miss it is trying to “understand” and “see” unbelievers perspectives on what we see as issues and all the time, judging them. Nobody likes been judged.
    We won’t save anyone saying “you think we came from monkeys?? That’s stupid!! Hahaha!” Or ever heard of a homosexual saying, ” mehn, those Christians just yabbed me till i gave up and started liking the opposite sex again.”
    Never. Happened. 🙂


  4. Hi Dammy, I went back to read one of your earliest blogs. I must say its thrilling to read how much controversy this topic brought about. Your writings are always beautiful. And yeah, Faith makes all the difference. I understand your point however, whether we like to hear it or not, its sad that people don’t
    recognise that the little things we see like the beautiful rays of sunlight, the lovely blue blanket of the sky, the rythmic sound of rain on the rooftops, the vast expanse of land, colourful trees and vegetation to mention a few demonstrate the love and existence of God. Lets just ponder on these things. Nice work Dammy.

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