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Joshua Fela

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Before I start… Let me first say I’m really sorry I took a long break from writing especially as regards this series. I hope you forgive me :d

I also hope you still have the fire burning.
If you’ve forgotten the story however, you can download the earlier episodes here in one single file—>>>

Episodes 1 – 9

That said… Read, Enjoy, Drop a comment and Share.



Mike walked into the reception of EKO hospital; a renowned medical clinic in Lagos. He scanned the corridors connected to the reception in view of signages that would direct him before his attention is broken by a waving receptionist. Or was she a nurse, he had no idea and her formal attire gave nothing away.

“Good afternoon.” He greeted after he had advanced on her position.

“Afternoon sir, how may I help you?” She replied. He couldn’t help but notice her cute appearance and the little freckles on her face that made her look younger than he guessed she was.

“I’m Mike Ogu; divisional head police officer of the Akoka branch police station. I would like to see a medical doctor. If possible, the one in charge.”

He saw the look on her face and quickly added; “its for an investigation.”

“I’m sure it is.” She replied and smiled at the realisation that he had tried reading her facial expression and failed. Contrary to what he might have been thinking, she was only surprised at the panache with which he spoke.

“If I’m getting you right sir, you want to see Dr. Yeboah; the medical director in charge but he’s curently on official duties to Namibia”

“Oh…Is there any other doctor I can see?”

“Yes, Dr Ogunsaye. He’s Dr Yeboah’s deputy.”

“Okay, that’ll be fine by me.” Mike replied.

“Good, sit over there for a while…” She gestured to a settee in the reception lobby. “And I’ll get back to you soon.”

“Thank you… Miss?”

“Tamara.” She answered and gently flicked her nametag albeit in an ambiguous manner. He got the hint and punched himself for not seeing it on his way to the settee.


Laughter from an adjoining room cut through the silence in Ronke’s room like a knife. She was seated on an arm chair which was opposite her bed on which Nike was seated.

“Nike…” She said in a rather commanding tone. “Let me see that picture.”

“No.” was the reply she got.


Nike sniffed and rubbed her nose with the back of her palm. Her eyes were red from holding back the tears and it seemed like they could burst out any minute.

“Because I’ve got something going and you want to ruin it for me by telling me its all fake.”

“Not fake Nike.” Ronke corrected.” An illusion. I only want to confirm if Jeff is truly who he claims to be or you’re…” She paused and breathed heavily.

“Say it! You want to say I’m crazy right? Well, I am. I am crazily in love with a living person not the ghost you claim he is.”

“That ghost liked me.” Ronke replied emphasizing the word ‘Liked’.

“And that is it. That’s what this has always been about.” Nike clapped once and looked at the ceiling to prevent the tears from rolling out.

“It’s always been about you. The boy wanted you but you didn’t want him. Now he likes someone else and youre jealous that it’s not working out for you. You want it all for yourself.” She grabbed her bag , walked towards the exit and opened the door.

“You’re so self-centred it stinks.” She added. “Everything must be about you. No one else can be happy but you. The gist and gossip must always be in your favour. And you wonder why only crazies and idiots fall for you.” She stepped out and slammed the door behind her.

Ronke alighted from the chair, paced around the room in no particular pattern as she tried to wrap her head around her current dilemma.

Was she self-centred? Well, yea. But nobody could blame her as to why she was curious about Nike’s boyfriend. He was a carbon copy of the guy that liked her two years ago. The same one that died in a ghastly motor accident.

Was Josh alive? Was Nath normal?

She collapsed in a heap on her bed out of exhaustion and the dizzy effect her zigzag movement around the room had caused. She grabbed her pillows tightly and as she tried to sleep away the pain, her room door swung open.

“I came as soon as I saw your message” Shade said as she stomped into the room. She stooped to remove her sandals, saw the dirt she brought in with her and gasped.

“Don’t worry about that.” An obviously famished Ronke said. “I’ll clean it later.”

Shade rose her head in shock to look at her. The almighty queen of tidyness just refused the opportunity to go all gaga at mud stains on her rug. Something definitely was up.

“What’s wrong dear?” She asked after taking a seat beside Ronke’s bed and nudging her in the side. “Is it Chloe?”

“Nah… I think Nike is right.”

“Right about what?” A confused Shade asked.

“I am a jealous self-centered crazy b**ch…”

“Nike said that?” Shade interjected.

“Not really, but that’s what she meant.”

“When did these all happen?”

“Doesn’t matter but I’m gonna solve it today.”

“Solve what?” Shade asked disgusted. “Stop putting me in the dark. Your message said I should get here fast. I’m here now, what’s the problem?

“Joshua Fela is not dead.” Ronke finally replied. She got up from the bed. Walked over to her mirror and wiped off what was left of the makeup on her face.

“I know that Ronke, I saw him myself.”

“Good. So Josh is not dead…” She repeated. “Nath is not crazy and I know all these because Nike is pregnant for him.”

Shade gasped and covered her open mouth with her hands.

“Nath impregnated Nike?”

“No stupid. Josh did and I believe I…”

“Ronke…” Shade interrupted her. “You know that sounds crazy.” Ronke shot her a blank stare and she hushed.

“Just follow me to the cafeteria and I’ll prove it.” She grabbed her bag and hung it on her shoulder. “I’ll prove to everybody that Josh is Jeff and Jeff is Josh”

“Who’s Jeff?” Shade asked.

“Stop asking questions and just follow me jor.” They shut the door behind them and headed for the cafeteria.


Sir… Sir… Mr Mike? A gentle thud on his wrist woke him from his slumber.

“Er.. Yes?” He stuttered when he saw the receptionist standing over him.

“Mr Ogunsaye is ready to see you.” She said and returned to her desk.

“Oh.. Okay, thank you.” He rose for his seat and went in the direction she pointed.

“First door to your left.” She said after him.

“Okay.” He got to the door with the name tag on it and stopped.

“Tamara.” He called.

“Yes sir?”

“Can I see you later, say Friday?” He asked while trying to be as calm as he could be.

She say back and slouched in her seat.

“See me how?” A slight grin played at the corner of her lips. She wasn’t going to make this easy for him.
As she expected, he broke a sweat and puffed his cheeks.

“What…what… I meant was…” He replied stuttering like he did earlier.

“You mean a date?”

“Yes… I mean no… Actually what I meant was…”

“You know what…” She interrupted him.
“Let me give you my number.” She scribbled her number on a sheet of paper and handed it to him.

“Give me a call and we’ll talk better.”

“Thanks.” He smiled after he realized what she had done.

After a few seconds of awkward silence, she cleared her throat and pointed in the direction of the doctor’s office.

“Oh! Totally forgot about that.” He said and scampered to the office.


The phone vibrated on the wooden table and an ominous hand out of the darkness snatched at it and flipped it open.


“Hello. Is this Muhammed?”

“Yes. I just got the pictures in my mail.”

“Good. I guess that’s all you need.”

“Yes, it is. Their names, pictures and addresses. That’s basically everything. Have you seen my boy?”

“Yes, he just left my house. I gave him a hundred thousand naira.”

“Hundred ke? We agreed on two hundred.”

“I know. You’ll get your balance when the deed is done.”

A deep laughter filled the small room poorly lit by a single clerestory window.

“Trust me, those girls; Nike and Ronke or whatever their names are are as good as dead.”

As soon as he dropped the call, he dialled another number.


“Yes sir.”

“Did you get the complete money?”

“Yes sir. Hundred thousand naira, no kobo less.”

“Good. Meet me in front of Unilag now. Let’s just finish the job sharply.”

“Oshey! I’ll meet you there asap.”

“Good, and don’t forget to bring the van. You know we can’t kill them in plain sight.”

“I know sir, I no be novice. See you in thirty minutes.”


After thirty minutes with the doctor, Mike stepped out of the office, waved Tamara good bye and headed out of the hospital. In the parking lot, he dialled Bayo’s number and surveyed his surroundings as it rang.

“Hello sir.” He heard Bayo say.



“Go back to that school and bring me back that girl.”

“Ronke Gbadamosi?”

“Yes, something is not right here.”

“What can that be Sir?” Bayo asked.

“We’ll discuss later at the station. Just get me the girl now.”

“Okay sir.”

To be continued.


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Mike Dammy

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19 thoughts on “Joshua Fela – Episode 10

  1. Okay. That’s it! I’m not reading Joshua Fela till you write the last episode.The suspense is already making my chest ache. *frowns*


  2. Leaving us in suspense after such a long tym…..I rili would recommend dt dis series b published as a book…..its a great piece…..wonder wat will happen to ronke now…….dami pls dnt leave us hanging abeg


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