The Letters | Beautiful Ladies

Like I said earlier;

Myself and a couple of awesome writers would be posting Letters. Short Letters addressed to anybody. Anybody in the sense that you can see a letter to Beyonce, Batman or maybe a pet cat.

Expect hilarious letters.
Expect crazy secrets to be blown open.
Expect stupendous statements.
Expect the unexpected.

All between now and the new year.

And you can get in on the fun.
Write a letter to anybody. A crush perhaps, a family member… Maybe your evil chemistry lecturer.
Make sure it has a bit of fun and makes sense too and send it to my email;

If its awesome good, we’ll post it today or tomorrow.

I continue with a letter to the beautiful ladies out there.

If you missed the letter addressed to Nollywood; you can read it Here.


* * *

I know I would feel undone if I don’t write to you ladies.
I could be saving a whole lot of men from heartaches if this letter is successful. Successful in the sense that it makes all of you lower your standards a little like Steve Harvey advised in his book and movie ‘Think like a man’.

You are beautiful. Yes, we know. That’s stale gist. In fact some of us have told you that countless times and still you take our hearts and put a stake right through it like one bad ass vampire hunter.

I’m tired of living in a world dominated by you people. Like Kevin Hart said, a kiss or a lick in the right places from you and we’ll be spilling our secrets like drunk men.
Bill Clinton, Tiger Woods, Samson; all these men of valour got entangled in your web despite their skills and intelligence. Apparently, you girls are good.

Don’t jump to conclusion sha and think I’m saying you rule the world. Nope, you don’t but you as hell possess the skills set to overthrow governments. Still, it gives you no right to trample on our hearts. I mean, do you enjoy it?

I know some of us have been bad guys and players (I owe you Weyreys a letter too), but a lot of us are just men and boys at heart.

Boys looking for a great beautiful girl to take home to mama.

I’ve seen your tricks and I’ve experienced your wrath. Countless times sef; Prom inclusive, and I hope I never do again but you can tone it down a bit.

Don’t put something tight on and then tell us its a no-go area. That’s pure evil. Temptation at its best.

Take a cue from Eve would you and be grateful for our ribs.
She came to Adam.
Come to us too.

Mike Dammy

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