The Letters | Mae

Like I said earlier;

Myself and a couple of awesome writers would be posting Letters. Short Letters addressed to anybody. Anybody in the sense that you can see a letter to Beyonce, Batman or maybe a pet cat.

Expect hilarious letters.
Expect crazy secrets to be blown open.
Expect stupendous statements.
Expect the unexpected.

All between now and the new year.

And you can get in on the fun.
Write a letter to anybody. A crush perhaps, a family member… Maybe your evil chemistry lecturer.
Make sure it has a bit of fun and makes sense too and send it to my email;

If its awesome good, we’ll post it today or tomorrow.

If you missed the letter addressed to Nollywood; you can read it Here.


* * *

Darling mi.

Let me first state that this is a rant kind of letter or vice versa so don’t expect Shakespearean English or something out of this world. This is me just being original.

So here goes.

Iyawo of life.
How are you doing?

I heard you miss me… Hehe… I’m not gonna say I miss you too but I do. I miss your wahala, your ijogbon, your long cool stories, your crude jokes -__-, your sincere attempts at singing love songs to me, I miss every single thing.

Okay. Seriously I miss your warm embrace cos it makes me feel safe. I miss your kisses cos they convince me I have you. I love your voice and…. I wont go further before you head swells and I get tortured by you cos of my mushiness.

Its been just two weeks since we parted for the holidays and it seems like forever. I still wonder how its supposed to be a holiday if you’re not in it. I’m tired of missing you.

Remember when you sent me that picture and asked if you were getting fat. I gave you an answer and I later said I didn’t mean it. I lied. I meant every word of it.

You’re perfect. You’re my kind of perfect and I’m grateful I have you.

Its 43 days remaining just so you know sha. I’ve been counting. 43 days before we’re 3 and it seems like yesterday when I asked you out. Seems like yesterday since you said the best ‘Yes’ I’ve ever heard.

Mae, this letter is simply aimed at explaining how much I miss you.
Phone calls would never do.
Voice notes wouldn’t either. You really should stop forming tush on your VNs. I’ve heard your real vice, your sleepy voice, the nasty one sef so don’t try and deceive me.

Still, they won’t do. Not even the chat messages. I want you in person.
I want my Mae and I want her now.
I want to run up to you, hug you and kiss your forehead like a Bollywood act.
I want to make you feel special.
I hope this letter helps.

I don’t have a befitting ending for this letter so I’m just gonna end it how you would.

I love and miss you Mon Ami.

Mike Dammy

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