The Letters | Brother @sunkit1

This is deep. I hope the recipient receives it.

* * *

Dear brother,

I don’t know if you are sorry about the way things have been between us, but I am. I like to take the blame when I’m wrong but I think this is your entire fault. You disappointed me and fueled my insecurities.

Why did you have to read my diary? I know I forgot it in the bathroom but you could as well have tried some restraint. Maybe called me and given it to me so as to avoid the temptation but no; you had to read it. Because of your need to be in control you had to read.
Do you not know that reading a person’s diary is giving yourself pain? People write stuff when they are mad and half the time don’t mean it. I guess you wouldn’t know that.

My diary was my therapy. You read it, you saw things you never should have known about me, and you betrayed my trust. And then you ask me to apologize. How do I apologize to you for reading my diary? Whatever you read, you brought it on yourself.

Now we barely speak to each other. I no longer get mad at you because I don’t care. I can no longer write in my diary because I fear someone will read it. You took away what we had, you left me with insecurities.

Its me, @sunkit1

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