The Letters | Konga @xoxolemony

Dear Konga,

I have decided to write a letter to you since you  have refused to pick my calls to your customer service, I have called so much that I am sure the people working in the customer care department have been able to memorize my number.

I ordered something about a month ago and when i called to make sure my order was placed, I was promised that my package would arrive in 5 days…. I was excited. sometimes when I went to bed, I dreamt of how I would receive this package but on the the 5th day, my dreams were crushed as I waited all day just to be disappointed. Even at that, I chose not to give up on you.

I called again and I was re-assured that my order was being processed, and in another 5 days I would receive my long-awaited package. I waited again, and again on the 5th day my heart was broken when at 7pm, you still had not showed up.

Like a girl whose boyfriend has stood her up far too many times, I was hurt.

I called again and after so many tries, my call was picked most likely only because the person that picked was a new comer and hadn’t been warned not to pick my calls yet. I explained my ordeal to this new comer and finally the truth came out; the item I ordered was….. out of stock!!

At that moment, my heart broke into several pieces, I had been lied to, deceived and lead on for so long.I called again asking for a re-fund and no body seemed to speak English again, I asked the person on the line for your address and she began to stammer as if I was coming to set the place ablaze. I no longer want to do business with you o!

All I ask is that you pick my call so I can give you my account number and collect my money and go and purchase my package by my self.

yours heartbroken(ly)



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