The Letters | My Conscience @NarcissusPrime

I had a very blank face when I finished this. I still think I missed something.

Its our shortest one so far too.

Enjoy still.

* * *

A letter to my conscience.

F*ck you.

That’s pretty much it.

I have very little to say to you.

But, Thank you for making me walk 5 miles in vain today. Walking with the promise of alcohol and not getting any.

Thank you for making me stand, staring at the object of my dreams, unable to ask for the only thing I’ve ever truly wanted.

You should understand why I don’t want to see or hear from you in 2014. But let me just spell it out for you –  thanks to you I’m not going to enter this year inebriated (the sore muscles are secondary.)

I hope you have a good life after me, today you cease to exist to me.



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