The Letters | My Mentor @I_am_doxa

This particular letter by Dunni (@I_am_doxa) got to me because I know how it feels to be let down by a mentor.
Still, I’ll let you find out what I’m talking about for yourself from her letter.

If you missed the letter addressed to Shino Rambo however; you can read it Here


* * *

Sister Funmi,

I’m not happy with you. Me, that I’m just managing my short-sighted eyes, you now want to render me totally blind with this video I just watched on your phone. Anway, you didn’t force me to watch it.
I’m sad. They lied to me. They told me only guys watch porn. Why did they lie? What did they have to gain? Smh.

And they didn’t even tell me that the Sisters’ co-ordinators of fellowships watch porn too. If they had, it would have prevented this stomach-twisting, nausea-inducing shock. (Please don’t ask me who ‘they’ are.)

Like, I was just sitting on your bed, bored, my nose being insulted with the aroma of your room mate’s food, waiting for you to come back from the market so I could discuss something with you. I was also hoping you’d cook for me to be honest, I’m broke. You left your phone so I was browsing through your pictures and videos. (Calm down, I didn’t read your messages)

Then I saw it. *sigh

I was really disappointed, because I respect you so much and this is the last thing I’d expect from you.

I’m just here closing my eyes, trying to block out these gross images of you in my head, watching porn and masturbating to them. Ugh!
But who am I to judge? Me that I don’t feel any iota of guilt for making out with my bestfriend’s boyfriend last night. (You have to admit it’s not as bad as your case sha) Actually, that’s what I wanted to discuss with you, but it’s no use now. I’m taking my leave in a bit.

Anyway, I deleted the video(s). (Yes, people always tell me my oversabi is too much. No vex.) It’s what Jesus would do na, abi? If you like, go and download them again. -__-



26 thoughts on “The Letters | My Mentor @I_am_doxa

  1. Wait. Does this mean you made out with Seun’s boo? I like you already. (Yes, I know this is fictional, I’m not a mumu {I hope})
    Thumbs up to sister Funmi the jasi pastoress. More candles to her…erm erm.


  2. LMAO…Wow, did this really happen dunni? It’s so hilarious and happens a lot. U come delete the video sef..Haha she would be so distraught when she checks and doesn’t see them. But what kind of sisters’ co-ordinator keeps porn on her phone (I mean that sucks; be an example) and then leaves the phone in public view..that’s why passwords exist na! Nice one tho.


    • LOL. I don’t know how to answer that last question because this really didn’t happen. I like my Sister’s Co-ord, and I’m sure she wouldn’t do this. Lol.
      Passwords pique people’s curiosity. 😀


  3. You just invaded someone else’s privacy I’m sorry I have to arrest you, hence ;
    You have the right to remain
    silent anything you say can & will be
    used against you in a court of
    law you have the right to have an
    attorney present during
    if you can not afford an attorney
    one will be appointed to you by
    a court of law.
    do you understand your rights
    as I have read them to you ?


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