The Letters | Super Mario @Ovunderkind

Like I said earlier;

Myself and a couple of awesome writers would be posting Letters. Short Letters addressed to anybody. Anybody in the sense that you can see a letter to Beyonce, Batman or maybe a pet cat.

Expect hilarious letters.
Expect crazy secrets to be blown open.
Expect stupendous statements.
Expect the unexpected.

All between now and the new year.

And you can get in on the fun.
Write a letter to anybody. A crush perhaps, a family member… Maybe your evil chemistry lecturer.
Make sure it has a bit of fun and makes sense too and send it to my email;

If its awesome good, we’ll post it today or tomorrow.

Justin (@ovunderkind) continues today with a letter to Super Mario.

If you missed the letter addressed to Mr Price; you can read it Here


* * *

Guy, how far?

It has been ages since we last hooked up. So long, in fact, that I wonder how you are coping with the economy. How is the plumbing job coming?

On the subject of your plumbing job, guuuyyyyy! I dey believe you die. I always wondered why you chose to be a plumber, but now I know. Of course, the uninformed humans think it’s just a cliché, a stereotype since in America, people of your nationality often handle such menial tasks.
Then someone (not I; I wish to re-emphasize this) watched porn and discovered that plumbers clean the most pipes and I’m not even talking underground drainage. Mario, my real niggah!

Ehen. Lest I forget. How’s the princess? I remember how you and I used to get high on mushrooms, so high infact that we go use head nack brick wall and coins go dey jump comot and we go dey bounce on top all those domestic animals…

Fam. Did you ever get ‘round to rescuing that princess? Did she give you box at the end? Or…(hehehe) did she allow you sink her borehole? Fix her leaky tap? Whatever euphemism works for you mehn…
Last time we ‘collide’ na like 2006, my guy. How Luigi? You heard what Olamide said in one of his rants songs? He said “Mario ni original, fake ni Luigi.”
I cried everitiem. Hope Luigi wasn’t too offended?

Mahn, I grew up. I started playing Pro Evolution and God of War and forgot about my niggah. Fam, I apologize. I stopped smoking mushrooms with you and started moving with bad gangs – the bloody e-gbo and e-weed smokers on Twitter – and started making real coins in real life. Man, times have changed and I’m not even talking about undressing clocks.

E go be.
Signed, Vundie.

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