The Letters | Christian Next Door

Hey yo!

Happy New Year Folks!

I know the letters were supposed to end yesterday but I kept this one for last. The writer has asked to be anonymous however.

I’m very sure you’ll love it.

* * *

Hello Christian?

Is that you? Please indicate by show of holy hands. Hope you don’t think me smug or rude that I am writing this letter to you. Could you turn down that music and read this letter?

Don’t see this letter as a pistol held to your saintly head. Instead picture it as a pestle-mortar relationship grinding the ignorance that threatens to sift life out of you.

This is not an epistle as I am not an apostle. I am a hungry soul, itching from the crown of my head to the soles of my feet. I am hurt by your lily-livered existence. Is it because your Messiah is known as the Lily of the Valley?

You claim to have the Bread of Heaven yet you don’t share with me. Instead you feast with me eating crumbs or you watch me rot away, pining in my filth. Shouldn’t your life be a canteen where I can feed? Instead of sweet scents of grace I find nothing but the pungent odours of self-righteousness.

I have read your holy book. I have scoured the pages. It saddens me that despite the seemingly arrogant claim that you are seated with Christ, it appears you prefer squatting in poverty.

Everywhere I go I see the gospel bartered off in exchange for gaudy trinkets. Like the dissonance of an out of tune guitar your songs scream profanity. I don’t want your brand of Christianity.

Just last night I saw you and your friends making a raucous. At first I thought it was the flow of new tongues springing from your bellies but as I drew closer what I heard was the incessant clattering of doctrine against doctrine. I am on a fast-track to hell and you seem more concerned with polishing your halo and waxing your wings.

I cry everytime…

Please pay more attention to me. Don’t walk past me with your nose stuck in the clouds while I lay wounded. I am blind and cannot see the things you claim.  Don’t give up on me. Speak to me! Cry aloud above the din of this life’s hassles.

Yours faithfully?

Sinner Man

* * *

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There, we’re done.

Have a wonderful holiday.


5 thoughts on “The Letters | Christian Next Door

  1. My thoughts exactly. Sounds like Damilare, save something. Something. I’d say naught about that.

    This is easily my best piece in this letter series. Maybe because its message has a sympathetic resonance to my state of mind?

    And idc.

    Good job, Damstylee, sir, you’re sheer genius.


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