Kinda lost on what I should write today considering Facebook’s gonna take it directly to her. -__-

Still, there’s always something to talk about. Fuel scarcity?  Love? Friendship?  Sex? But No, I wouldn’t talk about any of this, I might just have something better up my sleeves.

Zoning and It’s complications.

Most of us know what zoning is. At one time or the other, we’ve watched folks we like or feel a particular emotion for  misinterpret it and view us as entities totally different from what we hoped they would.

Wow, that’s a long definition. Simply put, It’s when the girl you like sees you as a brother, best friend or worse; Father…  Damn.

I bet there are a billion and one zones you can be placed in and sadly, they all come with fancy names; brother-in-the-lord,  Pappy, Boo, My G, Best friend …
I’ve been placed in some myself. I’ve been a father, someone’s G and even a best friend. Like most people, I just accepted my fate and watched them offer the positions I so craved to other dudes. Sulking never helped, neither did battering myself with west life’s music.

Did it hurt? Hell Yea! It’s meant to but I’ve learnt my lessons and created counter measures:

Make your intentions known early on.  If you like her, tell her… If It’s him, show him.
Let him or her know you’re serious. Some people might just think you’re bluffing or being funny.
Finally, never settle for less. The moment you accept your fate, you become zoned and trust me, you’ll need a whole lot to drag yourself out.

If you still get zoned after all of these, I have no remedy for that. It might just be your destiny. Que sera sera

Still… Prevention is better than cure… For some reason, this sounded funny in my head  -___-
Sha,  this is where I drop my pen.

Have an awesome day 😉

Mike Dammy


7 thoughts on “Zoning

  1. Lol. Well sometimes you are just supposed to be a friend. Well done Dammy. Take care of your heart, it’s important.


  2. Lol. Well sometimes you are just meant to be a friend. Well done Dammy. Take care of your heart, it’s important.


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