Letter to You

Hey Yo!

Sincerely,  I didn’t prepare a post for today… just a special something to a special *clears throat*…
Moving on… I got a couple of songs some days back that made me want to write a letter. A very mushy one at that. Lol

Addressing it was never a problem, ‘you’ are there and even without the songs, ‘you’ filled me with enough juice to awaken that dormant mushy trigger deep within me.

Disclaimer: The ‘You’ or ‘Her’ or whoever it seems like I’m directing this letter to might be a fictional character. In other words, just Imagine I’m kidding.

The letter itself is short but I stole some lines from the songs. I bet ‘you’ll’ notice them.
So, here goes nothing.  I hope it makes ‘you’ smile.  🙂

* * * *

There is really not much to decipher.
Truthfully,  there isn’t.
Is it the lustre look of the gloss on your lips,
Or the slight ecstasy my fingers feel when they run through your Bohemian curls .
To be honest darl, my heart hears a lot these days.
It however doesn’t say much.
So voicing it is not a problem.
I like you… Shikena!

The vision is still vague though.
Complications scamper through the air like flies
Obstructing my view and determined to ruin whatever we have going
To halt the raptus that runs through my veins
Or the mini rainbow my eyes see once they sight you in the distance.

What started as a mere expedition,
A candid plea for help
Has melted my stone-cold heart into jelly.
When you smile, you have total control.
I’ll never be able understand why
Or how It’s happened so fast.

Still, I’m never going to deny what I feel,
And I’ve let all of my feelings show cos I want you to know that I………

Happy Sunday. 😉

Mike Dammy


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