Yes, She exists

She claims my memoirs are real..
And not some fictional nonsense
That did make me laugh and think…
How many leave traces of their acts for laymen to pick on and devastate?

Who is stupid to let the world see the steps he takes towards freedom?
who throws his tricks and hint all over a blog?
Who would let himself be scrutinised on  purpose?
No sane man definitely.

Who relieves a top gun of his position when 20 billion dollars vanish into thin air?
Who leaves traces of a missing aircraft if indeed he didn’t want It to be found?
Do you tell your loud mouthed friend you’re robing tonight when you don’t want to be caught?
Did Christ give his disciples premonitions all so they could stop his graceful steps to Calvary?

Hell No.

We might deny.
We might refute your claims.
We might burst out in high pitched laughter and say you’re talking crap.
But We are all connected.
Our motives. Our acts. Our falsified ‘deception’.
They are connected.

We live because We want to.
We take measured steps so you could watch us.
We give you the privilege to nab us, accuse us… but in the end, there’s always something up our sleeves.
We won’t jump the rope without protection.
We never do anything just for doing sake.
If it works out, We’ll tell you it was us all along.
If however it blows up in our face, we’ll deny it at point blank range.

So Yes, Taiwo.
There is a She.
Why else would I be mushy all over again?
I hate being known for that anyways.


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