Let’s talk Breakups

Hi there…

I thought of ways in which I could just glide into the topic at hand and not sound too serious or rash… Sadly, I got none… So I’ll just start…  Here goes nothing.

* * *

I have to say it’s quite alarming the manner in which breakup and divorce stories flood the air these days.
Everyone is getting in on the act. Even I myself; the title ‘breakup king’ has been accrued to me a couple of times.

Today however… I sat still.. sort of… in a bus plying the Sango Otta – Ketu route and tried to decipher the mystery that is Breakups. I won’t lie, I didn’t make that much of a breakthrough thinking about it, so I resorted to writing. For some reason, when I write, my words flow from a reservoir of knowledge totally oblivious to me when I’m performing another action.

What you’ll read below is what my mind could fashion. I like addressing my posts to imaginary people to enable me pass my message across properly and that’s what I’ve done here again …
And No matter how much it sounds like I’m referring to you in person, I’m not. So, wipe that thought from your mind whenever it comes up.

If however you believe I didn’t write it with someone in mind… You’ll be falling for my Joker card. Remember what I said earlier,  this is simply my brain at work… My mind is not in on it… I think. -____-

* * *

Hi dear.
I know this is the last thing you want to read.
That you’ll probably prefer to walk on burning coal than listen to me…
Who knows you might be armed with a 9mm ready to pump my tummy with your silver bullets.
I know you want to do this and worse…

But chill…
Let me try and convince you that we are indeed perfect despite my shortcomings and your wrongdoings
Let’s assume we were separated at inception.
That he created us whole…
One full picture with no blemish whatsoever.

Now, Imagine He broke us
In fact, literally cracked us into two
With no emphasis on precision
No form of accuracy whatsoever
Just two parts of a puzzle
Not necessarily two halves of one
And as he did, bits and pieces of us splattered everywhere.
A Mona Lisa decapitated… albeit temporarily.

So now, picture us as two slabs with jagged edges
With pieces of us scattered all over the horizon
Who knows, the piece that makes me sing like you’ve always prayed ‘Your dream Knight‘ would lies somewhere not far from where I sojourn.  
Imagine, the stone that makes u laugh even when I’m boring lies fallow at the bottom of the Atlantic
Then it’ll make sense when we don’t seem as perfect as we hoped

We’ll see sense when we quarrel and nag
You’ll ignore my yells and I’ll forget your insults
We’ll understand when our fights keep us awake at night with our backs turned on each other
We’ll see reason that all these serve to build us
Slowly craft us into one perfect being
The kind that still blush amidst all the wrinkles and crutches
And laugh even with our teeth in a glass jar.
The life we live to have.

I’m beginning to wonder if all I’ve said makes any sense…
I doubt if the inspiration was worth it
Maybe it’s just Banky W’s “All for you” in my earphones that’s making me this crazy
Probably I’m seeing things that ain’t there..

Still,  I won’t stop typing…
If I do, I might end up lonely
Dejected… All these I can’t risk being.
So you see, I really don’t have any choice here.
You must see reason…
You Must.

* * *

I don’t know if this explains anything but I guess it should give you a reason to think.
A reason to hesitate before you pick up your phone and call her to end it. Or halt your speech as soon as you sense those fatal words coming out of your mind.
We owe our spouses that that break.
We owe ourselves that brief pause to think.

Come to think of it.
The pain you feel after the breakup is not that of Ironic Joy or happiness… It’s just a reminder that you miss the person and that if one of you had tried harder,  you would still be together.
It could mean destiny still has plans for both of you and you need a second chance…  or third,  fourth chances like I got.
This theory could be wrong though but I dare you to pause and think of an alternative solution before you pull the plug.
You just might thank me later.

Happy Easter folks!
He lives…  Hence we live too.

Mike Dammy


20 thoughts on “Let’s talk Breakups

  1. LOOL… I always think of breaking up with anyone i’m with. I hate the mushy-attached dependency that comes with them… You can say i’m selfish with sharing myself.
    Tbh, the one thing that keeps me going is the thought that “this guy actually likes you. Don’t break his heart. His mother will curse you and it will catch you.”


  2. LOL. Everytime I’ve ever had to break up, it’s because of a foreknowledge that although things are bad now, they are going to be worse. Much, much worse. Breaking up is always the logical thing to do.

    Doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt, but it’s all for the best.

    Great write up sir.


  3. Really awesome write up…… But If u broke up with a girl just go to her and say u are sorry irrespective of who pulled the trigger….. Cus I see a hurting guy in there…………………. Letting go of her now might just mean losing her forever………. Be smart brother


  4. This is a somewhat weird and oddly wonderful piece. Making the words your own you simply hit the literal nail on it’s awaiting head. Funny thing is I and bae can relate to the part where you mentioned breaks and pauses. Breakups are the strangest things. Just when you think the worse is over, all the good stops on memory lane comes to hunt you while your taking a walk down there.


  5. You know what?

    I don’t even know what to say. It’s as though people walk into relationships knowing fully well it’s not going to work. How exactly is it supposed to – with that kind of attitude?

    Nice one.


  6. I am going to leave this here. I am pretty sure you know it already… it is a cliché… but it is the truth

    Have you ever wondered why God gave Eve to Adam?
    Now consider the fact that they lived for so long…

    How exactly did they cope?

    RELATIONSHIPS ARE DESIGNED TO LAST. WHY? Because they are God’s idea… Yes! it takes more than flutters in the tommy and a purported “God-said” to keep people together but …



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